***P2D 1000 Posts Squad***

We are now recruiting members for the P2D 1000 Posts Squad. All you do is sign up here and stay active! Then you must copy and paste this: [sorry, image coming soon] into your sig! Our goal is boost P2D to a whole new level by posting 1000 times in this topic! Of course, the whole point of this is to make the P2D forums 1000 posts better!
Happy posting,

>.< Forgot my name here is Coolman75! XD

Why did you post the same thing four times in a row.

I didn’t mean to do that. >.< I already PM’ed Dazzy to delete the other ones.

Dammit, STOP POSTING ABOUT POST COUNTS, COOLMAN. It’s irritating spam and has no purpose to exist. This topic shouldn’t even be here once, much less five times.