Outsider's Sprites

I started to make Samus RPG style.


Is it good start?


The cannon should be bigger, the visor more… viser-y. The shoulder pads are too small, and the top of the helmet lacks detail. Nice colors and shading.



EDIT: Edit

“Fixed” helmet…

Yeh…the visor seems like it isn’t centered right…fix it…

Looks fine to me. A good “RP-ish” Samus.

Better, but the helmet still lacks details. It’s got pipes on the sides ingame, and even if that’s too detailed to add, there’s also a pattern on the forehead.

it looks good IMO. but yeah i see the thing about the visor… anyway i like it.
now you need to do all the other directions :wink:

yes great work but its sort of RPG MAKER 2003 style,try XP style


There is 3 different helmets. Whats the best from them?

I think the second one is…but, still, none of the visors are centered…there is like a pixel more on the left than the right…I donno, just fix it…

Well, I don’t have no idea how to fix it. I just edited it…


What are you on? The visors are all centered perfectly. :confused:

w/e…I wrote that real early this morning…my eyes…they hurted…:smiley: ( ehem )

Plus, I have a flat monitor…one of the kind that if you look at it closely, there are pixel - sized lines running vertically down the screen…

Really? If I look closely to the television, I see vertical dashes of red, green, and blue, and if I look at my monitor, I see three tiny dots of red, green, and blue arranged in an equilateral triangular pattern. Never heard of a monitor with “pixel-sized lines” (which would simply be blocks if they were pixel-sized).


New directions are different size. And can’t fix it… :cry: :blush:


That one direction is still bigger than others…

Looks pretty good, although I think the head is too big. But that’s just me, don’t worry about this comment if that’s the style you’re going for :wink:

Looks good, but look at it, on one side there a two pixels between the border of her helmet and the visor, and the other only one…hmmmm

No, you are mistaken. There’s only one pixel on either side. :angry:

Now I’m confused… :confused:

Anyway, Now all directions are same size :metroid:


wtf? you’re right, sorry…man, I need glasses or something…