outbreak bonus character!

I have an extra character for outbreak (i plan on this being an extra merc. , kinda like a bonus (think resident evil 2)), but i cannot get the legs right, can someone help me out please! though if you wish to comment on it in any way besides help, i am fine with that.

drawings would help a lot but are not needed, any other notes you wish to add are also welcome!

basic drawing would be helpful, but any comments on the sprite would be nice.

think the shading is off?

these are just some ideas… i kinda rushed them.

I thought that it would be kinda like a mech instead of a powersuit. :blush:

that doesn’t mean samus can’t be in it though… and maybe you can get out and walk around at will! like a morph ball- except you have to come back to retrieve your mech. Yeah! Maybe there will be parts where you have to get out and open a large door so that the mech can go through, and stuff like that.

i think that would hugely disrupt outbreaks storyline

(to gegojr’s pictures)

lol, good try, but it isn’t a mech, its a powersuit like samus’s (well…not so much), it is an inferior version that was modeled after some similar technology, but in the end couldn’t be done, dont worry, ill release the new versions soon, i also am working on the first level, and maybe some screenshots sometime. the mech idea is cool though, but not what i was looking for, though it is a good idea, maybe there will be a mech in the game after all, just this isn’t it. nice job for a quick sketch though man!

yeah, it would kinda disrupt the flow of things for normal gameplay.

Eh… sorry, I let my imagination get ahold of me.

lol, its okay, it brought some ideas to the table that might not have been there otherwise, i respect the post a bunch anyway :slight_smile:

ideas = bad…

oops did i say that out loud? damn u brain! damn u and your stupid thinking XD



i didnt mean this to be useless spam so

on topic : you could use the metroid zero mission style legs.

ill post an image


lol, dont worry, im talking about a specific boss battle, not the whole game, lol. (trying to be nice hairy…also your brain is revolting, you should remove it at once!)

thanks for the metroid legs, im trying to work out legs that match right now for that suit, i have another suit almost ready, and it uses almost those same legs exactly (yeah…i thought along the same lines, lol) , but i need to shade it.

lol im going to sig that

feel free…but…i was serious…

dang it i knew that was coming. >_> <_< >_> <_> >>_ >_<

laughes well you kinda set yourself up there a bit, lol

Lol. Hey, smartdude, can you give us a scaled human figure? I don’t know how big the suit really is.

its a powersuit like samus’s, only clunkier, lol.

…is clunkier a word?

… ok. and i think clunkier is a word… or maybe your should say “more clunky”. lol

…nope…i think clunkier fits better, its a word in my dicitonary! lol

also, here is the unshaded bad jpeg version of the last suit, any advice (besides adding legs, they are already finished, but shaded, so no changes to them)

i just realized that there is a white outline at some parts of the old suit. maybe a bit too much anti-aliasing XD. anyway, you can paintbucket the background black and then just turn the remaining pixles black also.

and, i just noticed that the dirty effect makes the arm plates look like beige cloth.

by the way, what program did you use to make these? they’re certainly not paint creations, thats for sure!

Why aren’t they paint creations? I can make them if I put a couple hours work into it. probably.

and, btw, don’t make the last one’s colors blue. Make it black or purple or something. Blue just doesn’t fit Samus.

Blue and gray is supposed to be Samus’s “sidekick”'s colors, Houston. You can’t make her look like Houston.

er…dude…your cool and all but “blue just doesn’t fit samus” is something that is a little annoying, just one more time (no offense to you gegojr, i simply am doing this so people can see this) THIS IS NOT SAMUS!!!


also, yes, they were done with paint, and they really didn’t take an extremely long time, i had the basic one, and edited it, the one at the top took like 15 minutes (without shading right now, shading takes a lot more time than actually drawing the sprite)

the white outline is because i started with paint using the background as white, but soon changed it to pink so it would be easier to recognize the pixels when using paint. why isn’t it paint? i used like 7 different shades for the first one, though when i finish detailing it, it will have armor cracks and at least 13 shades, most likely with minor dithering only. so what you guys think of the last suit? i mean the design, i will post it with full detail after i shade it (after you guys give me some imput)

also, i am very sorry that i saved the blue suit as a jpeg, it made it crappy…my bad, i will get a better detailed one out (before dazzy gets me, lol)

Oh, sorry. I thought you said it was samus, lol. I’m mildly confused. Since it isn’t samus, its great!

I think the arms look to much like a cloth. are they supposed to? And the shape of the shoulder pads isn’t that great in my opinion.

I like the Tron-ish look. Though I would make the gray slightly darker so that you could really contrast it with the lightblue lines.