Out of Context Theatre

Two guys
“It was really great, except for that one girl…”
“Yeah, she couldn’t do anything right.”
“She’s very new.”
“It was almost painful.”
-Walking in on judges during a theatre audition.

A couple
“Ow, it hurts.”
“Just relax, it’ll be ok in a moment.”
“My skin is coming off!”
-Girl trying to remove her ring stuck on her boyfriend’s finger.
-It went on and got even better.
“Aah! Aah! Put more lotion on!”
“We finally got it off.”
“Whoa, I can feel my blood draining.”

Me and a friend talking about boobs.
“I really don’t understand why guys like breasts so much.”
“I’m a guy and I don’t even know…”
“Why not feel mine and tell me.”
“I’m fine, thanks.”
Teacher walks by and gives us a really awkward look.

Walked in on any conversations that couldhave been taken the wrong way? Or conversations that were meant to be private?
(IRC doesn’t count)

and odd situation that happend at school once…

i tripped and alsomost dropped my stuff (including a laptop)
and exclaimed
“fuck me!”
as a gay guy was walking by
he stopped and said
“name the time and place, sweetcheeks”


xD to the max


This is more of a ‘your gf’ joke, but w/e
I was talking to a friend, and somehow we got to something and he said:
“It hurts”
So I was like: “that’s what your GF said to me last night.”
he tried to pass it off like “My GF is dead.”
I said “oh, it hurt THAT much!?”

O.O Wow,…,…,…,…,…Awkward stuff is funny, and Awkward is an Awkward word.

I’ll probably hear something funny at school today, and tell you all about it when I come back. Veesh Me Vluck1