Osama Bin Laden just died.

Yeah. So, now everything will be exactly the same except we’ll stop wondering where he is.

Yay, now we finished what we set out to do, so we’ll stay in this war until further notice.


yup… im happy bout it!

Sure you are. You are one of the real terrorists.

Indeed! 333 all added up is 9 which is the first number of 9-11 therefore confirming terroristhood.

Dude, you scare me! That was the thing I was going to write when he ask why he is a terrorist.

Can you read minds or you just a genius?

And BTW Phlakes, it’s spelled Usama, not Osama.

No, actually, it’s spelled سامة بن محمد بن عوض بن لادن, which can be transliterated in a variety of ways, including but not limited to Osama or Usama.

I’m a genius that’s so smart I learned to read minds.

Daz is the same way.

Hello, new user.

Goodbye, new user.

Anyway, here in Amurrica we spell it with an O.

Transcription of the pasted text: Usāmah bin Muḥammad bin `Awaḍ bin Lāden.

That’s so cool!

There’s no set rule for transliterating that, Daz wins.
And yeah he’s dead, woo, only had to sacrifice a few hundred thousand lives to get to him no big deal. Hope the backlash is worth it.

Inb4Muslim Extremist Shitstorm

Not sure if this relates… but I have a friend in the Navy Seals and he’s being deployed to Israel. Apparently Israel is going to invade Iran.

Read this and tell me what you think.

6:52 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: umbre
6:52 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: Yes?
6:52 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: your family live close to you?
6:52 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: No.
6:53 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: you may want to visit them soon
6:53 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: Why?
6:53 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: WW3 is aout to happen
6:53 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: we got orders
6:53 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: isareal is going to invade iran
6:54 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: you there?
6:55 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: Yes.
6:55 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: we are being deployed to northern israel
6:56 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: russia and china and most of the middle east are going to strike back
6:57 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: europe and thw USA will back israel
6:57 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: thia ia going to bw bD
6:58 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: this is going to get bad*
6:58 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: i though you might like to know
6:58 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: CO said this can be in a week or 4 months but its going to happen
6:59 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: almost all US spec ops teams are being deployed
6:59 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: this is not public news
7:00 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: You’re an idiot.
7:00 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: ???
7:00 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: Do you want to lose your career!?
7:00 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: im fine
7:00 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: Don’t tell me these things!
7:00 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: you moron u think im that dumb
7:00 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: i cant get caught ATM
7:01 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: Who’s to say I’m not a reporter?
7:01 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: just though you would like to know, your going to war
7:01 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: What if i broadcasted this?
7:01 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: ill find u and kill u
7:01 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: Intelligence would spot it right away.
7:02 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: i would go AWOL and kill you
7:02 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: I’m only telling you this, because I don’t want you to lose your career.
7:02 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: im fine i know how they work
7:03 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: i had to go through some hard shit to make sure i would not get caught
7:04 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: now i have only time line from myu CO to go on
7:04 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: but im going to be spending time with my folks before i go
7:05 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: in 5 days ill be in the middle east
7:06 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: Tommorrow is my birthday, but guess what will be in my mind all day, thanks to you.
7:06 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: …
7:06 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: I don’t care about this “war”
7:07 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: I appreciate that you’re concerned…
7:07 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: But I honestly don’t believe it.
-(UNSC)-Gunrunner is now Offline.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011
7:44 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: only have 1 min
7:44 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: just wanted to tell you
7:44 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: i dont know when that will happen
7:44 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: …thats all…
7:44 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: What?
7:44 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: remember?
7:44 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: What will happen?
7:44 PM - ]N[ :Umbre:: A war?
7:44 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: yes
7:45 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: a BIG war
7:45 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: i gtg
7:45 PM - -(UNSC)-Gunrunner: ill be back on another time
-(UNSC)-Gunrunner is now Offline.

Well shit. Knew it would happen sometime. On a somewhat related note, someone I work with has a son in Afghanistan who was put on security after Bin Laden was killed (he’s a cook). Of course, the one time they put him out there, they were fired upon and he took some shrapnel to the head. He’s fine though. Lucky.

Anyway, who’s up for moving to Australia?

australia sucks
your supposedly navy seal friend is retarded and a fearmongering douchebag for someone who’s supposed to be a badass
you just… did broadcast what he told you

anything else I need to address?

I know I broadcasted it. I dit it purposely.

I mean he did tell you not to and everything

He’s in the fucking Navy Seals, he should be disciplined enough to know never to give out anything Secret or higher. Trust me, I have Top Secret security clearance so I’m well aware of the consequences of giving out information. I posted this because:

1: If he’s seriously in the Navy Seals, why the fuck is he telling some random chick on the internet all this? Does he even care about his career? It makes it incredibly difficult to believe his story.

2: I think he should suffer consequences and take responsibility for his actions. If he’s this stupid enough to share classified information, then I don’t think he’s someone the Navy Seals needs.

That’s my reasoning anyway.

You realize if you have top secret clearance you can be prosecuted, right? :stuck_out_tongue:
In any case, you both sound incredibly retarded. “Hey I’m going to tell everyone about this secret operation just to teach him a lesson!” Really, bro? You think it’s worth putting the entire thing in jeopardy just because you’ve decided he’s not fit to be a Seal? People these days, holy fuck.
And the way to do it is over P2D forums, too. Wow, that’ll get you a lot of exposure.

That’s not the reason I posted it at all. I posted it because I wanted to see what your opinions on the possibility of WW3 happening were. The reason nothing told me “Hey don’t post this” is because I honestly believe he’s full of shit, and no, I can’t be prosecuted for this. I suggest you actually familiarize yourself with laws pertaining to security in the military, and don’t try to argue with someone who’s trade revolves around protection of secret material. I never had intentions of purposefully telling people about our conversation, just to teach him a lesson. If I really wanted to, I would use other sites. Now, can we actually get back to the topic, rather than try to start arguments?