Original content for P2D

I personally think there should be some original levels, enemies, etc. unique to P2D. One of the reasons I play MP games is to see what enemies I can find and scan. Seriously, the first time I saw a pulse bombu near the end of the Chozo Ruins, I was like, this must be near the end, I’ve never seen something like that.

Isnt it obvious… if it was called like p2d then Itll be like MP… :unamused:

Off course there are going to be certain things out of the MP world, but not like that.

You should read the faqs, there it will tell you why.

Ummm… I didn’t mean radically different from MP, just some new enemies and levels 'n crap. Maybe new passages to get you to the new levels from the old. Like secret worlds almost.

Concept: Keep MP, just add SOME new things

The faq is like a steel plate to catch your fall instead of a trampoline, and about as flexible as a brick.

Dude, there making an exact(or almost exact) remake of Metroid Prime. They can’t be going and adding new enemies and levels cause for one: this game is gonna be big enough as it is when it is done, two: it won’t be accurate to Prime, and three: the team members don’t have the patience to make that new stuff and the normal members don’t have enough patience to wait for it to be made.

Dark Samus is right, MP is hard enough to make in 2D. So I don’t think P2D is going to have many extras. Besides, the whole game is going to be different.(besides beams, weapons, enemys, etc.) :confused:

Bleh. I wanted new enemies, but ok.

This is pretty much an exact remake of Metroid Prime, but in 2D. Of course there aren’t going to be any new enemies.

then buy a new game… or dl a fangame…

I heard that there would be extra unlockable suits later…

You heard correctly. There are new suits and a possibility of adding minigames. There’s also a rumor that we may have a new boss or upgrade, but I’m not authorized to divulge any more information than that. :slight_smile:

Does that mean you know more than that?

I’m one of the primary architects. Of course I do.

That automatically makes me jealous.

What, you think they just make random team members mods? Of course I know stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: Be active, contribute a lot, and that might get ya credit on the team. Such as learning classified information.

I’ve probably said too much already.

So you could make a time machine? Just remember to have the oscillator properly confiured. It’s f(x) - Sn(x) = 1/PI f(x+t) Dn(t) dt

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make it mod compatible so one could modify the program with an extra file and make a file for map one for music one for sprites ect and the modding program can modify them,anyone up for it

I think that if CFX and MH heard that idea, they’d blow their tops. This thing is supposed to be completely closed, nothing outside of the team can affect what’s in the game. Of course, I am neither of these people, but I’m hoping I know just enough to say this… :metroid: