Orchestra/vocal/film music

Many people enjoy orchestrated music, classical music, movie soundtracks, and many vocal artists, however, they have been looked away from by many in favor of the growing of rock, rap, and country.

if you like those, that is totally cool and all, however, this topic is about things other than that, so please do not post that they are better or something like that.

this topic is meant for enjoyable discussion, and it would be good if a couple music posts were added.

Let’s see. I play for wind ensemble, so i’m into orchestral music. My favorite composer would be Robert W. Smith, for his agression, and mysterious flavor. Some songs by him would include

Rites of Tamburo(awsome)

The Tempest(awsome)


The great locomotive chase(awsome)

Liturgical fanfare

Also, while not RWS, some other songs I’ve enjoyed include.

Carmina Burana (awsome, nuff sed)

Steppes of Russia


Anyhow, we’ve played all of these in band, or i’ve heard other bands play them. I dont really go hunting good orchestral tunes, but I do love the ones I encounter.

heard quite a few of those, they are good.

listening to carol of bells right now

little link to some free cheap versions



havn’t really found a good full orchestral version in awhile.

might limewire some and make a link if i like one, but limewire is kinda not reliable for this kind of a thing so…yeah…