Operating Systems

What Operating System Do YOU use?

  • DOS
  • MS-DOS
  • Unix
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows ME
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Vienna
  • Lunix
  • Linux(Fedora Core)
  • Linux(SUSE)
  • Linux(Ubuntu)
  • Linux(Mandrivia)
  • Linux(Debian)
  • Linux(Gentoo)
  • Linux(DSL)
  • Mac
  • Mac OS X
  • Other
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I use, Windows XP, Linux Ubuntu 6.0, and Fedora Core 5.

*Insane Poll, I know, please don’t murder me. :sweat: *

EDIT: Multilpe Choice. Up to 15 max

Windows 98. :frowning:

Windows XP, but I hope to get Vista soon.

Wtf is Windows Vienna? <_<
XP for me. I hope not to get Vista soon, and I think I can reach that goal.

I have XP as well. Pretty good. Not expecting Vista in a while.

Why would you quote Tim if you weren’t answering his question? Vienna… doesn’t exist does it?
Since I game A LOT (and thus, lead me to Game Dev), I’m probably gonna look to Vista pretty soon. But Vista for me right now.

Actually, Vienna does exist. I read an article on it in the Microsoft page saying that they are already working on their new SIster Operating System of Windows Vista: Vienna.

And Vista sucks. It’s the same as having Windows XP.

And for anyone who has Linux Ubuntu: yay!

That sucks… :frowning: All you’ve been through… Be strong, someday you’ll pass us all. :')

I run XP but I want Vista for the DX10 factor.

and Halo 2’s better version without crappy X-Box live fees for online play.

Vista are make fixed now anyways.

Anyone who doubts DX10 is a n00b.

What the hell is DX10?

Actually, there isn’t anything wrong with Vista. It’s the fact that you have to update a lot (for older computers, and sometimes, else) of your internal garbage, just so Vista can run. All Vista is, is Windows XP with a better skin, and stuff. I happen to use Windows XP and still have that skin.

What pisses me off even more, is that half the programs you would have, when installing vista, don’t work. Micro$oft is getting greedy again, and are deciding to rip off people of all their money I guess.

And anybody who doubts “DX10” isn’t a noob.

XP for certain programs, because Vista is just, uh, gross. Duel booting on my MacBook Pro 17", hell yeah.

Mac OS 10 for graphic design and everything Windows can’t do.

Linux for server operations.

Mac, is ugh… Mac makes me vomit.

Everything to do with iApple is exactly the same. The iMac; the iPod; the iApple. What the hell? At least Micro$oft won’t always say, the $OS; the $Windows; the $WIN98; the $MSOFFICE.

If Mac was an Airline Company, every single one of the staff inside the airplanes would look, feel, act, and talk the same way.


The only thing Mac OS 10 is good for is installed free software.

DX10 is DirectX10. It’s only available on Vista. We XPers and below are stuck with DirectX9. I don’t think I need to explain what DirectX is.

Nintendo makes me sick because all of the Mario, Metroid, and Zelda game titles begin with Mario, Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda.

Yay I get two cakes. eats Aw crap I’m fat now, thanks a lot.

Nah, you don’t have to explain what DirectX is. I’d be a fool if I didn’t know what it was.

Yay, Nintendo is sick.

Troid, you obviously don’t understand. More of good = good. More of crap = crap.


DX10 is one of the wundrful reesons 2 get Vista. Now, rediculously realistic graphics are available to the PC.

I was pointing out that his reasoning for not liking Apple was pretty stupid. He never even said that he thinks their products are bad, just their product names. :unamused:

DX10 is awesome, but so is mac, DX10 produces graphics like you would never believe (well actually it are teh maketh your computer as good as or better than teh X-Box 360. Thats why I want Vista.

Wow, I do my homework for a minute and two posts come up. Vista has DX10, does Mac? Vista has Windows Live, does Mac? Vista has some thing that allows you to play games without installing (like 360), does Mac?

Just Reformat your computer, and you can use DX10. :smiley: