The websites screwed up. I can’t find demos or anything. :cry: What in the hell happened? :imp:

Dunno. But I support OOT2D more than any other fan project, even if I did leave their community after being active for almost a year.

Yeah, their demo is awesome! 8) But, can anybody tell me what happened?

Wasnt the site being moved or something?

I think theyre still alive.

BTW do you still have the demo?
Can you post some screenshots? I promised a friend to show them to him today and cuz the site is down I cant take some of there.

I have the source code for the demo. I’ll email it to you if you want.

lOOK WHAT SOME NOOBS ARE ARE TRYING TO DO…They are trying to get nintedo to shut oot2D down for good look!

Ill say hes a crooked yoshi.

To anyone posting an online pettition…I direct you here:If you work for Websense, you aren't reading this.

No, that wont change things… but what if nintendo really shut down oot2d?? >_<"

that wass directed to dark samus-and the crooked yoshi thing

I dont know whats the problem… it breaks the laws if they make money out of it :unamused:

EDIT: is that DB site?

This proves p2d has to move because then some fucktard is gonna tell inty to shut it down :angry:

Well, Nintendo already knows about P2D. If they were gonna shut it down they would have done so by now. We ain’t gonna have to go anywhere. Nintendo ain’t gonna shut us down for making the greatest 2D metroid game to date.

If Nintendo said they didn’t care about P2D then there’s no way anyone aside from hacking can shut the site down.

That has to be one of the funniest things Ive ever read... Especially when I got to the MAM site that was funny. I cant beleive they took that stuff for real you could tell that Maddox was just joking.

i played it at a site called marioportal but i looked just at it and it closed and said we should come back shortly and i seen my brother played a zelda online game and long ago and i want it.

Punctuation? What I think you said was:

“I played it at a site called Marioportal, but the site said that was closed and we should come back shortly. I saw my brother play a Zelda Online Game a long time ago and I want to play it.”

Zelda Online Game? Where?

You don’t want to play it. GRAAL sucks.

Graal used to kick ass but then they changed it and it sucks now :frowning:

finally i know what it was named i have not played it so i have to test now talk on about OoT2D now again OoT2D has one of the best demos i played

Too bad it died. :confused:

May P2D continue on in its memory.

OOt2d Petition is getting more signatures…and more complaints and flames :smiley:

Isn’t OOT2D already shut down?