ooh ooh... I have an idea =3

maybe you guys should add a little multiplayer option to the game… or a co-op mode??? that would be fun, but I don’t want you guys to work your internals out because of me, I’d just thought it would be a good idea… you could also add a little intro of samus, who turns pixely at all of a sudden and then she would be all like: what happened here… and stuff, you know…

I guess I just wanted to help out a bit, because this forum is for IDEAS AND COMMENTS… and a little help wouldn’t hurt, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Although I doubt there will be any multiplayer, who knoes, maybe things can be changed, but I dunno about such big argues, sorry.

I think MH was talking about possibly making a co-op or deathmatch, but I haven’t heard menttion of it in a long time.

I see what you mean about the"turn samus pixelated thing".
Have Samus go from 3D"if anyone can draw that" and have her like, go through this portal and she comes out…Pixelated and in 2D!

and have her like, ticked off about going back to her stupid SNES style games.

SNES style games rule.


Did you get that from Paper Mario?

Yeah I have an idea, You must put Kraid in the game, ya know the kraid that was removed from the game

if you don’t wan’t to put it in the game you can put kraid as a Bonus-Boss in the game :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Next time you suggest something, try to make it not something that’s not the second most commonly suggested thing. Isn’t he already an obvious as hell idea to consider? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, we have no plans solidified yet, but he probably won’t be added, even as a bonus.

to bad :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Multiplayer on one keyboard would not work. :cry:


ONLINE MULTIPLAYER FOR P2D!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Think of it!

Well, of course…it’s not like people are insane enough to make single-keyboard multiplayer games nowadays. Luckily for Gamemaker users, you’ve got easy networking methods built-in…

Plz put Kraid in the game cuz he is the BOMB,i mean he;s my favorite boss and enemy in the whole game

Unless you formally log a suggestion with serious pro’s and little con’s along with a detailed description of why you want it and how it would benefit the game along with lists of other people who agree with your point and would want it too, MH and Daz probably would just ignore you.
I do believe this project is called Prime 2D for a reason…

About Kraid- I can easly make sprites for him ( lol i already have in my free time, a bit) :^_^:

why are soo many ppl suggesting kraid to be in p2d?
he was never going to be in prime (that model is an unofical one), if were lucky, we might see him in prime 3 but its not likely cause samus kills him twice, and why would the space pirates put him on tallon iv? the only reason robot ridley was there was to protect the metroids.

but ne way, i have a semi-good question:
are you guys going to put the super run, super jump, and skrew attack in p2d?

Kraid was originally going to be in p2d, but apparently the idea was thrown to the side. (Wow, this game IS just like prime XD)

I’d still enjoy kraid in the game, whether it makes sense to the plot or not.

And to answer your question: No, since that would make the game easy beyond all levels. Plus, tons of rooms have no roof.

i hate to burst your bubble, but if you remember, there was only one bit of super metroid without a roof and that was the landing site, the rest was pretty much inside.
Prime however had alot more ‘open’ areas than ne other game…well, apart from prime 2.

Unofficial my ass. It was made by Kohler himself and they were going to put him in, but ran out of time. It is in no way, shape, or form an unofficial model.

That still does not mean we’re going to use him.

Super Metroid had no open areas. The landing site had a roof.

Uhh… it was completely open, it just had an invisible wall at the top.

Really? I do recall shinesparking there and getting my head stuck in the roof. >_>