One whacky picture

It’s Mega Hog!

I was browsing the internet when I found this, FYI.

Actually, now that I think about it, the Sonic series and the Mega Man series have a lot in common.

Sonic and Mega Man = Both blue, both main heroes
Bass and Shadow = Both black, both keep switching between evil, neutral and good
Knuckles and Proto Man = Both red, both mysterious and reclusive
Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily = Both old, fat mad scientists with big mustaches who build robots

Almost scary, isn’t it? Maybe Sega picked up some “inspiration” from CapCom… or maybe it’s the other way around…


Scampers off to sell anti-plagiarism cannons and ammunition…00661d1c249.jpg

I prefer this. >_>

Seriously, does Devito not totally fit that role? XD

Oh yeah! ROFL, I ran into that one a while ago and forgot about it.


Sells more anti-plagiarism cannons

… Why is there a death star…with a mustache? Would Keanu Reeves be in a costume or something and all the rest of those people?

Dr. Robotnik uses a battlestation called the “Death Egg” in many of the Sonic games. So, death star with a moustache…

Lol, I never knew that…that is one whacky pic.

thats pretty funny!

Those pictures are weird, and the deathstar thing was weird to. Is that riddick as knuckles?

hahahaha they are hilarious !