one thing ive noticed......

ever noticed that in loads of games/ movies/ tv shows that theres allways some annoying kid whos friends with cool animals/ a demon/ summit else cool.

examples: toadbert, whos friends with yoshis, in mario and luigi partners in time

that fat kid in alien homonid…

thats about all i can remember… but i remember it alot…from where i do not know…or remember… it just allways happens… why?

yeah… i have noticed that in loads of films… the kids are allways annoying, and they are friends with cool things like robots…who is doing al of this?

oh, lets not forget chris from sonic x. hes annoyin!

Or Sherry from RE2.

yeah, and ashley or woteva her name is from re4. who else

Eileen from Silent Hill 4 is the most annoying thing I had to put up with in in a game.

those 2 kids in mario tennis gba. i wanna hav a mario story mode, not some kid who sucks.