this is fucking terrible! while in turkey, some peice of shit turk robbed us the other night at bloody 5 in the morning. he took my laptop, 500 turkish money and my stepdads wedding ring. stepdad didnt seem to give a shit. but now my laptop is gone, im in a simmilar situation to redhalberd, what with loosing everything i had. so if anyone finds stuff of mine, i’d be VERY gratefull.

anyway, im getting a new laptop soon, either the same as my old one or an ultraportable.

but lots of my stuff is indeed gone, some unrecoverable stuff such as gamemaker files and my new necrons, with the finished monolith. ive got withdrawl symptoms, wich means i feel ill and have a headache because im not on my laptop 10 hours a day as i usually am.

why, my stepdad says the theif is a good man for taking the laptop because i was on it to much, but my stepdad will be gone soon, so to hell with him.

ive been robbed numerous times, but never have i lost years of work or a laptop.

the theif was a fucktard though, he hada torch but he turned the lights on. what kind of moron does that?

Why does everything happen to you? D=


PS Torch = flashlight, for all you americans <_<

I have no pity for someone that arrogant, ignorant, and spoiled.

Were talking someone raised by the internet here who lost their computer.
To some people its like having every person you ever liked DEAD.
Killed in the most painful way possible by the people you hate.
But worse.

Poor you.
gives you a pie filled with happy concentrate.
I hope you can get most of your games and stuff remade.
If i find the thief somehow, HE WILL PAY WITH HIS LIFE.

Wow he took your WarHammer 40K stuff too?

You haven’t really lost much. The best thing you ever gained from most of your computer, I’m sure, was experience–and that enables you to do far better work in the future. “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” (Benjamin Franklin)

Everyones getting robbed… I wouldn’t know what to do if MY PC was stolen…
I should buy a gun for defence, because I’m not going to have some worthless
pile of sh!t steal all my hours of work and everything I live for (yes, Im really
into what I do on my PC). If I catch someone trying to rob me, I will do whatever
means nesisary to prevent the theft from being completed…

Well… that sucks 'n all… I’d hate if my laptop got robbed, if I had one… but you should be more careful with your stuff when you’re traveling. And locks are a good thing.
That does indeed suck, though.

u talking about the thief or king metroid… i assume king metroid, but, just wanna make sure… lol.

Why would I pity the thief?

Because he’s dead meat in my book.
I can one hit KO almost any non gaint muscle person.

Whatever that means…

I can hit a target the size of a man’s head with an unsupported shot at three hundred feet. I can do a “one hit KO” on Ah-nuld Shwartzisface from a hundred yards. Your point?

Anyways… that’s a shame, but there are much greater things to life than a computer. And much greater things than wishing your kin to hell.

Y mucho mayor cosas para tu. Comprendes?

Translation- “And much bigger things for you. Do you understand?”

“Do” is not a word in Spanish, hence me not using it. There should be an upside down question mark in front of “Comprendes.”

a) You failed at Spanish.

b) Half of you wouldn’t even have the balls to shoot someone else.

c) Trying to play hero usually ends with you on an hospital bed, or a coffin.

So, that’s about all I’ll say.

Also, I agree with Daz. King metroid is such a spoiled brat he doesn’t deserve any pity.

Isn’t “para” “to”? <_< >_>

Who said I was using a gun at all?

I’m pretty sure he meant just MS17.

Yeah, I bet your so high and mighty because you can… seriously, with all these video games I’ve been playing (Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournament 2004) and not mentioning my AirSoft guns and my “tactical 2D shooter”, I really don’t doubt that when my adrenaline reaches it’s point and I can’t think straight, I will pull the trigger. But seriously, even a non-gamer will pull the trigger when the need arises, and I mean ARISES.

You wouldnt be CFX if you didnt try to bring someone down.

You wouldnt be Metroid slayer if you didnt somehow bring guns into the conversation.


Lets be honest. Even if you are a spoiled brat, and get everything you want, I still have to feel for someone who loses something close to them. You obviously have NO idea what its like to live without taking everything for granted, or you wouldnt say things that you say, so I cant really blame you. Chances are, you can get a new one, but it does bother me the way that everywhere you travel shit like this happens. People say the US is dangerous, but I’ve never been seriously robbed, or in danger.

So, sorry man, though I stil think you have WAAAAAY too much money.

You’re implying that gamers are better trained to be able to kill someone? No comment.

Oh yeah, and look up the term adrenaline.

Adrenaline = When blood rushes to your head
And yes, playing video games is a well known training tactic. Used in the army so that people would get over their fears of killing people. I thought everyone knew that…