OMG anime

Free anime and it’s legal, bets two parts are you can use WMP rather than crappy ol flash player giving super high quality vids AND you don’t need to download. Did I mention It’s completely legal? :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:>

Outlaw Star? S-cry-ed? Trigun? Yu Yu Hakusho? Cowboy Bebop? <Insert other shows I haven’t seen in a long time here>? I’m going to cry.

That’s what I thought when I ws first linked to the site. Only for me it was OMG! Gundam SEED Destiny. . . I’ve neve seen that before.

ZOMG you haven’t? Obviously not a BitTorrent fan… ZOMG better than the rmvb crap gives you…

Oh I’m a BT fan alright but I tend to not waiste precious hard drive space with anything but games, art, and Myth.

CDs, anyone?

Forget CD & DVDs, 250GB USB 2.0 HDD < $100

Think 480 Mbps vs. 56 Mbps or 16 Mbps (CD, DVD)
and rewritable XD

But seriously, external HDDs are cheaper than internal for the same thing. I can take my case off mine and put it in a desktop. Only question is IDE or SATA.

Wow. I’m just totally astonished at how completely incorrectly you were just thinking.

My CD’s are almost 9 Mbps. My DVD’s are about 176 Mbps. DVD’s cost about $16 for 50, which is 32 cents per DVD, totalling almost seven cents per gigabyte. Hard drives vary a lot more in terms of speed and price, but the cheapest external 250 GB hard drive I found was $83 (on sale for $10 off the normal price), totalling 33 cents per gigabyte–that’s almost five times as much as the per-gigabyte cost of DVD’s.

CD’s? 100 for $18, translating to 18 cents each, which is about 26 cents per gigabyte. Still less expensive than a hard drive, although undoubtably slower. If you use DVDs, you can fill each one up in about four minutes. A hard drive is fast, but also more expensive and less reliable than optical media. Why would you want to use a rewritable medium, anyway? (DVD-RW’s are still cheaper per gigabyte than hard drives.)

Also, I have never seen an external hard drive cheaper than an equivalent internal one. That’s just got to be an absolutely uninformed statement. 160 GB for $48, 200 GB for $63, 250 GB for $65, and even 320 GB for $85…

Soooooooo your point is viewing on the internet is better.

If you can’t watch it on the Wii, then it’s nothing to me, simply, because my lack of a firewall is really weak, and while it could be tweaked, I’ll bother in about a week.

Sorry, I felt like rhyming.

please don’t, on topic, darn they don’t have GS just GSD

Edit: oh the GS just isn’t quite on just yet

Sylux Fan, don’t minimod please.
You have only two posts, jeez.
Don’t think I’m the only one hatin,
Just watch, Daz is waitin’
To pounce,
So just bounce.

Ok, I can’t think of anymore. BTW, I never knew they made a KoF anime.

I’m lazy, so I will cut and paste from MCS Wiki.[color=orange]

"At first glance it would appear that USB 2.0 is even faster than FireWire; however speed is not the only issue when it comes to DV. One serious issue with USB 2.0 is that it can not guarantee a specified data transfer rate. This is due to USB 2.0 being a master-slave technology, which means it needs a computer’s CPU to coordinate the appropriate data transfers. While not a problem when dealing with low demand peripherals such as Web cams, scanners, printers etc, digital video requires dependable performance to avoid dropping video frames.

FireWire is a much more independent technology in that it works in a peer-to-peer relationship. For this reason, many professional DV users are now able to download their video from a DV camcorder to an external hard drive without the use of a PC. Finally, and most importantly, FireWire delivers data consistently at a specific rate. If you want to work with video, even to edit the family movie, go with FireWire."[/color]

You write files up to 50% faster and read files up to 70% faster with IEEE 1394 (constant 400Mbit) than with USB 2.0 (Max 480Mbit). And my favorite, IEEE 1394b (constant 800Mbit and 1600Mbit).

That makes me wonder why anyone uses USB and IDE.

j.j.j.j.just no the rhyming must stop, It’s so annoying, now for my valid point, Naruto is on the site yay.