Okay, so..I'm locked out of the forum

This place works on Internet Explorer. It works on Firefox for other users. But FF refuses to load it for me, and seeing as I don’t have IE installed, this is a bit of a problem.

It’s not adblocked–I disabled that to check.

And it refuses to load in a different manner than most other sites I’ve seen–it doesn’t load then say 404 or whatever, it just says STOPPED at the bottom and doesn’t even start loading it.

Wtf? halp plz ;-;

FF recently died on me for no apparent reason then I lost all my bookmarks and passwords. Maybe this version has a bug. But I’m using FF right now.

Yeah, that happened to me too, but that’s not what I mean.

And other IF forums work; I just checked… WTF ;-;

Firefox 2.0 get.

P2D works now.

Thanks CFX and FZ, but screw the rest of you. >_>


Who’s FZ?

FlamingZelda. CFX linked me to the Firefox downloader, but it wasn’t working, and FZ found one that worked. >_>