Oh my god MAZE GAME!!!


Dude this is the most addicting game in the world! Ok what you do:
You must move your mouse around the maze without touching the black walls. It is MUCH harder than it sounds. Concentration levels must be VERY HIGH and I’ve only got to the 8th out of 10 levels. It says that you get a surprise after you finish so if you already finished this please do not reveal the secret ending. Have phun!

BTW I forgot to tell you: MOUSEKEYS!

Those are fairly easy if you change your mouse to a dot. Then you can see exactly where it’s pointing. It’s a lot easier than a normal mouse…
By the way, that’s by no means the only game like that.

Heh, that was posted on SCU a while ago. Glad I already experienced it >_>

Whats with the screaming zombie??

bah glad you said that… i think i’ll stay away from it for now…

Good choice

sounds like that “find 5 things different between these 2 pictures” and right when you get your head up to the screen looking… BLEAH!!! evil zombie appears…

NOOOO!!! Red!