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Here I will put screenshots of the new Zelda and information.

Videos on Gamespot

This has various videos such as booth tours and the actual video Nintendo showed. It also has the backstage ones they showed off to various people.

Information: The video was absoutely fantastic. It has scenes of Link fighting a creature that looks like a Balrog with a morningstar. It has many locations such as a beautifully eerie wood, a nice river and what seems to be Hyrule. It also showed off a horseback fighting scene, Epona being the horse perhaps? It showed possibilites of using teh C-Stick to swing your sword in different dorections, for example. It ended with Link weilding his sword in a wonderful flourish. Well worth checking out.

The demo also featured some text. In my sig you can see it.

Swords will Shatter
Blades will Bleed
But as the Light fades…
Will the Hero Rise again?
Or will Darkness reign?

The Legend Continues…


Impressive new Hyrule Castle. Whether it is Hyrule castle is unknwn but it’s more than likely.

Gorgeous graphics are the main feature of this fantastic wooded area.

Link is certainly far more detailed in this new Adventure.

The impressive horse back fighting scene with golbins on pigback :huh:

Erm…this looks very impressive indeed. Surely a boss fight.

Another close up of lLink. Just after his sword flourish.

The enemies seem a lot more frightening than in Wind Waker.

The dungeons seem very nostalgic.

Another pic of Link fighting some enemies while on horse back.

The effect from Wind Waker look as good as ever.

Timeline: As of yet it’s not too obvious where it will fit. Possibilities include just before Hyrule was flooded as in Wind Waker.

Gamespot Preshow Impressions:

The Legend of Zelda E3 2004 Preshow Impressions

Though last year’s The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was by all accounts a resounding success, the game’s unusual graphical style left many wondering if Nintendo would ever revert back to the Zelda series’ signature visuals. Consider the official answer “yes.” As part of Nintendo’s annual E3 press conference, it showed off a new trailer of the next (currently untitled) game in the Legend of Zelda series, which featured an older, more mature Link than the one found in The Wind Waker.

Witness the first trailer of the next Zelda game. Double-click on the video window for a full-screen view.
Link, in this next Zelda game, incidentally looks a lot like how he does in the GameCube version of Namco’s 2003 fighting game, Soul Calibur II.

The brief trailer, which is set to the same stirring operatic theme featured in the Arnold Schwarzenneger classic, Conan The Barbarian, begins with a few quick shots of different lands, times, and weather. Apparently this is Hyrule, the traditional setting of the Zelda series. Following that, there’s a lot of footage of Link battling it out on horseback, a sequence interspersed with shots of a dark army rising up from on the horizon–it seems that Link will have quite a battle on his hands.

More brief snippets of on-foot combat revealed that Link will have many of his familiar moves. He can deflect opponents’ projectiles with his shield and he can execute spinning and jumping slashes. And, just as in the last few Zelda offerings, a successful slash causes the screen to pause dramatically for a moment.

Link was finally shown squaring off against a towering, demonic opponent, armed with a huge morning star. (The balrog from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring immediately springs to mind here.) Between action scenes, the trailer flashed some brief slogans such as “blades will bleed,” indicating the darker tone of this next installment in the series.

The graphical quality of this next Zelda is certainly impressive to behold, though naturally it isn’t as stylistically distinctive as that of The Wind Waker. Still, longtime fans of the franchise will certainly be thrilled to see the series returning to its Nintendo 64 roots (as opposed to its 8-bit roots). We’ll have more information on the game as soon as possible. For now, feast your eyes on the trailer.

Updated Impressions:

The Legend of Zelda E3 2004 Updated Impressions

We had the chance to get a look at a longer trailer for the upcoming The Legend of Zelda for the GameCube. Hot on the heels of the game’s showstopping debut at Nintendo’s press conference, the legendary company gave us a look at a longer trailer that showed off more from the upcoming game. The footage, cut completely from the game engine, was a potent reminder of the GameCube’s graphical muscle, Nintendo’s skill at creating Zelda games, and the undeniable appeal of the realistic Link.

The Legend of Zelda (working title)screenshot
It looks like equestrian combat will be a major component of the new Legend of Zelda’s gameplay.

The one-minute trailer we saw at the press conference opened with an extended cut of the camera panning across figures silhouetted against a red-hued sky. As the camera zoomed in, we saw the forms of bokoblins (recognizable from The Wind Waker) making their way toward the camera. The dramatic lighting and shadowing in the sequence made it easy to overlook the level of detail on the characters as the camera pulled in close, but the surly crowd was indeed sporting an impressive amount of detail. The mob ran forward, kicking up clouds of dust, before the scene shifted. The animation on the characters was somewhat stiff and a little too precise to really look that menacing. We expect that, given how far out the game’s release is, this was actually intended to underscore the visuals that are being lauded as so stunning by those who’ve already seen the trailer, and to reinforce that the visuals are not just edited gameplay.

The next (and equally striking) image was of Link on horseback, which reminded us of how much we missed Epona in The Wind Waker and what the freedom of galloping across open land brings to the Zelda experience. As cool as the boat was, there’s just no substitute for racing through an open field on horseback. This segment also included glimpses of a castle lit by torches at night, a countryside, misty woods, and some hints of the weather system in the game (we saw Link in a rainstorm). The darker tone of the previous imagery was lightened considerably with a warm and fuzzy scene featuring Link and his horse kicking it with some friendly dogs on a hillside.

With the game engine’s prowess at rendering outdoor areas established, the trailer shifted its focus to indoor environments. This longer trailer offered an extended look at Link navigating an indoor area with a distinctive fire theme, which we thought was going to be the new game’s version of the fire temple. This sequence was shown from a bird’s-eye view of Link’s surroundings, and we also saw some impressive graphical effects that showed off the game engine’s capabilities. The room Link explored in the segment featured a metal walkway that we could see through, blocks that could be pushed, and torches whose light flickered haphazardly on their surroundings. The camera’s close-up on Link as he pushed a block displayed the impressive texture work on both the character model and the environment. Link’s hair and clothing looked sharp while the rock itself featured some rather fine detail on its rough surface. The lighting in the level offered some cool additions, such as a proper real-time shadow on Link and a nice atmospheric touch to the interior.

The remainder of the trailer offered a series of snippets showing glimpses of Link engaged in combat with old and new faces in different locations, some from the first trailer and others that were new. For the moment, it appears that the combat mechanics are staying pretty close to those we’ve become familiar with since Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64. Link is clearly performing some of his staple moves, such as a jumping lunge and charged slashes. However, what impressed us most was seeing old attacks given realistic makeovers with the new engine, not to mention graphical flourishes like the particles given off as weapons clash.

The Legend of Zelda (working title)screenshot
This may be the darkest Zelda yet, based on what we’ve seen of the game so far.

The next montage focused on Link riding his horse and fighting assorted enemies, which highlighted the new horse combat mechanic that director Eiji Aonuma hinted at in his recent roundtable. This segment had various sequences where Link was seen taking on numerous mounted enemies. In most cases, Link’s foes weren’t mounted for long after they received a solid smack with his sword. One sequence showed a brave Link preparing to take on mounted foes on foot. The last bit of the trailer focused on highlighting Link’s heroic nature. The scenes were of him fighting the Balrog-like flame critter seen in the original trailer, navigating perilous dungeons, riding his noble steed, shooting arrows, and generally looking like the green tights-wearing badass we all know and love.

The music cut throughout the trailer was different in tone than the trailer shown at the press conference, as it had a darker feel to it. There were still elements to the music that made it a good fit for a Zelda game, but it sure wasn’t in the same lighthearted vein as the tunes heard in The Wind Waker.

All told, the extended Zelda trailer was an impressive teaser for what’s to come in the Zelda franchise. That said, we sincerely doubt it comes close to offering any more than the barest idea of what to expect from the next game. The trailer seems geared toward touching on the key points that fans have been asking for since The Wind Waker’s release, such as realistic graphics, horse action, Ocarina-style dungeons, and dry land to roam on, without giving much away. At this time, it’s not known how much of the story, what the full range of gameplay will be, or what the dungeon styles are going to be in the game. As far as aesthetics go, this new Zelda seems to be hitting all the right notes at the moment. While we’re all obviously excited about the game’s more realistic look, we’re curious about what the gameplay is going to offer. We didn’t see any Navi-like critters near Link or any special items such as the ocarina, mask, or Wind Waker on hand. However, we feel good about what Aonuma and company will be cooking up with this broad new canvas. The Legend of Zelda is slated to ship in 2005, so look for more on the game in the

I seem to be the only one, but I think the new Link face is bugly. Otherwise, can’t wait!

Well I’m sure girls out there like Illy find him pretty hawt :laughing:

Anyway, I have some new screenshots to add soon :smiley:

TBH, almost all of the screenshots look kinda screwed up. I’m really disliking the graphic style… I can’t place what’s wrong with it, it just looks wrong somehow.

Well I know what you’re saying

But if it’s liek OOT with improved resolution it can’t be bad. Screenshots lie to us Daz. :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw the video, though, and it looked just as odd. I think there’s just something about the resolution. The whole thing looks ‘gritty’ and like a weird attempt at cel-shading and photorealism trying to have a baby.

I can’t wait the New Zelda game

Dude. This game looks awesome. I can’t wait.

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I got a Zelda: The Minish Cap player’s guide for my birthday (I don’t use player’s guides very often, but I collect them), and it had a really nice poster for this new Zelda game in it. It has a bunch of screenshots of the game, and at the far right it has a picture of the new, badass Link as well as the golden “Legend of Zelda” logo. Now, I just have to find a place for it. I can’t take down my Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker, Aria of Sorrow, or Zeta Gundam posters…

You have an AOS poster?! WIN!

What’s it look like? Never saw one…

It came in a Nintendo Power magazine. I’ll see if I can find a scan of it over at the Castlevania Dungeon.

Well, I couldn’t find one, but it has Soma standing in the middle with his back facing outward. He is looking over his shoulder and holding a sword. Arikado, Graham Jones, and Mina (or whatever her name was) are underneath of him. The castle is in the background and on either side of Soma there are black and white gargoyles, presumably representing good and evil. It’s really nice, since it was drawn by the woman who did the official artwork of both Aria of Sorrow and Harmony of Dissonance.

Okay, this is basically what the poster looks like:


The poster has slightly better colors, though.

I must Buy RE4 then :smiley: :wink:


Isn’t this getting a bit off-topic?
I can’t wait for the new Zelda to come out. I mean WindWaker is good, but it leaves much to be desired.

OMG Nat that is bloody sweet!!!

I concur. Pretty damned awesome.

Anyway, back to Zelda… do we know yet if Ganondorf will be returning? The ‘fire sort of Ganon’ you mentioned is a Balrog, not Ganon at all…

And where’s the second video found?