Official Small Question Topic

Ever been dyin to ask a question but it’s not a big enough question to start your own topic???

Ask them here! :stuck_out_tongue:

My question: Why does this forum have so many random topics?

My question: Why does this forum have so many spamming posts? :stuck_out_tongue:

You know this topic could be REALLY useful.

My question: Why do people always ignore general topics like this and instead make random topics and respond with spamming posts?

Holy shit. I…can’t figure out what that means. ANYWHO, I’ve got a real question. Can anyone resight all of pi? All I know is 3.1451572… I don’t even know if that’s right…

There IS no ‘all’… it’s neverending.

Why is it Justin Bailey and not some other name?

Didn’t that name have something to do with someone on the credit role? I’ll look into it, seeing as how I’m bored right now.

Edit: Doesn’t, my bad, that was NARPAS SWORD.

It’s Justin Bailey because over in Europe or somewhere Bailey is slang for bathing suit, which is what you see Samus in if you beat the original metroid with a fast enogh time. Therefore, Just in Bailey :wink:


The beginning of pi is 3.141592653589… And that’s all I have memorized. And, like Daz already said, pi goes on forever and never repeats.

Edit: Here’s a nice page that’ll give you the first million digits if you’re interested:


were does it start? :confused:

The purpose of that post was? :confused:

And for your last question, try at the 3.14 point :unamused:

I never knew that was where Bailey came from. Are you sure?

Except that it’s just a coincidence and that bailey never meant that, it’s just a stupid urban legend.

I’m thinking of making RE42D. RPG camera angle style. Is anyone already doing that?

Coolman, I’ve never played a RE game, my parents won’t let me, sadly…

Same with Metroid, but I conviced my head off and could finally play Metroid Prime.

But, anyway, I’d be glad to help you out with graphics! This is also an oppurtunity to try a RE game for once…

Just tell me wat this is about, and what you need, and I’ll make it!

Yeah, but I’d like to get the Metroid Nebulus stuff finished first. I only want to work on one job at a time.

Ok, then.

But, Nebulus will release next year… can you wait that long?

I know I’m very impatient…

As for Nebulus, I want to tell you all something…

You be link for a boss in M:N!

You think I’m crazy, but watch when you see the boss…