*****Official "Hi I'm New!" Topic*****

Keep it clean and friendly plz. Post here to prevent the board getting full of Hi Im new posts.

If you want to inquire as to soemone plz use the PM feature. Feel free to say welcome to new members though.

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Screw it, it’s too hard typing like that.

G’day. Dazuro the space pirate addict/scratch spriter/slightly obsessive mod, reporting for … greeting duty, or something. I don’t know, just play along. XD

Oh, and common grammar mistakes really piss me off. So if you find a post with --GRAMMAR NAZI EDIT-- after it… yeah, that was probably me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi! I’m MetroidHandler. I’ll be your admin, project leader, spriter, and cutscene artist of the boards. Beware! I own you! :smiley:

In all honesty, I’m a nice guy. Welcome to the p2d boards!

And since I didn’t make an entrance,

Hi I’m knight33, you can find stuff about me from the buttons in my sig. I’m a graphics artist, coder, site designer, all round nice guy cough

I come from Borehamwood which is just North of London and is a very famous film studios. I’m 15 coming on 16, and love Indian food, Nintendo and anything Online


Well, this is pointless for me to do since I just made a topic for this and basically i’m gonna say the same thing again, but i’ll do it anyway. I’m Varia Phazon Suit, i’m from Newfoundland Canada, i’m a huge Metroid Fan, and I have a wierd habit of liking the evil characters in games and shows(like my avatar and signature couldn’t tell you that :unamused: ) Anyway, this is somewhat off topic and knight33 already said that it could stay open but could someone please delete that topic I made since I basically just made another “Hi i’m new topic” which is kinda pointless.

Thank you.

If you guys don’t know me by now, you lose and I don’t want to be your friend. Ever.

Now now, Nat, be nice… :stuck_out_tongue: Not everyone here will be from SCU, after all. :laughing:

Hey Darth Nat, you really need to change your name color, it’s hard to see on this blue background.

If only I could, if only I could.

Anyways, I’ll worry about introducing myself when I finally see someone I haven’t met before over at SCU. It’s not like anyone is going to read every post in this topic anyways.

Agreed. I’ll take care of i–okay, never mind, seems only admins can do that…

Hello! I’m Phazon Eater! I’m an admin here because, like another admin we all know, MH seems to have little idea as to what he is doing. :stuck_out_tongue:

And maybe because I made the forum’s skin. <_<

phsaw. All i needed yooz for is the skin…

>_> besides, I have DF to do stuff for me when I dunno wtf to do.

Hi, I’m Nintedofan from GameFAQs and Samus.co.uk boards. I accidentally wrote the wrong email when I signed up as Nintedofan - so there may be a person floating around called Nintedofan who ain’t me… >_< How could I misstype my email… Anyways… I like P2d, and I (was/am) a game tester, but now they have the specs for all creatures… (Damn FAQs!!! meh…)




I’m Narc. I’m the guy that no one likes but that no one hates.



Yeah, well that might not be true but…I’ve always been bad with intros.


thinks there’s some way he can sort that out for nintedofan…

Hi, I’m WWakerFAN and I’m not an alcoholic… unfortunately…

Oh btw, if it wasn’t obvious, I like the Wind Waker :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, I’m new. So, I live in Carlsbad, California, attending 8th grade. I am 12 years old and a long time browser of SCU. Though, because I’m 12 I never could join… Whatever. Everybody, good luck on P2D! :smiley:

Good to see another person that doesn’t say OMGCELSHADED=SUCK. ^.^

Well, you may know me from SCU, but I’m Icy Metroid. But I’m not a big, well known member.

…Was that supposed to be some sort of joke about me being canadian or what :confused: :confused: