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Frequently Asked Questions:

About Prime 2D

Can I run this game on OSX, Linux, Android, iOS, …?

  • Some players have had success running the game in Windows emulators such as Wine using the most up-to-date versions, while others have not had as much success. The game has officially been tested only on Windows 10 and requires OpenGL2+ compatible hardware.

How long has this been in development? I heard like 15 years!

  • This demo took us about 3.5 years in our spare time. The core team formed in August-September 2017 and produced this video and then continued building the game from there. However, the general idea for this game does have a rich history going back to 2004 under a slightly different name. Some of the current team joined in those early years and have been involved in the community and earlier sub-projects. Despite this past, and with the exception of some ideas and an earlier draft of the game engine, almost no assets have carried over into Prime 2D as we know it today.

Where can I find the soundtrack?

  • We will be releasing an official playlist soon. Stay tuned!

Did you copy or reuse assets from other video games?

  • No. All our assets such as graphics, fonts, music, and scripts were handmade by our team. Most sound effects were handmade as well; a small percentage came from available sound databases and are used with permission.

What software is this game made in? Where can I find the source code?

  • Prime 2D was made using the NetMission Engine by Troid92. He has been developing the engine since 2006 and has used it to make multiple games now. It stays closed-source for many reasons. Someday he hopes it can be available to others, but it is not ready for that step yet.

Who made this game?

  • Team SCU today is a small team of Andréas Söderberg, Guyaume Veilleux (Metroid Zapper), and Matthew Griffith (Troid92), with additional help from Hassan Hashmi aka H.S and Caitlin Pequignot (DarthSophia). Other people were involved in the first half of this demo’s production as well, such as Tim Hardeman (The Illustrative Man), and the full list can be seen in the in-game credits menu as well as in the opening cinematic.

Can I get 100% in this demo?

  • Short answer: yes. However, the heart and core of the experience is simply through the boss battle and if you made it that far, that’s awesome and all we hoped for. We provided additional bonus content for curious players, but be warned that these are all incredibly difficult to find. It took the community almost 24 hours of collaboration to work through the cryptic riddles for artifacts, and there is no shame in asking for help or leaving the game at a more natural stopping point.

About the future

This game controls well on mouse and keyboard, but are there plans to have controller support?

  • Yes. We want this game to be accessible to as many players as possible. Controller support and customizable inputs are a great next step toward that goal. While these features were not ready in time for our first demo, some players have had success using third-party input remapping tools to be able to play the demo on a controller. Be sure to ask around if you are interested!

Will you be shut down? Is this your way of giving up on the game and getting cheap attention?

  • If we are allowed to keep going as-is, we will. All our assets like graphics and music are hand-made; the game engine is custom and has been used to produce other (smaller) original indie games; it is only some of the melodies, names, and resemblance in designs of certain things which would be in question. After 3.5 years of work it was time to show what we had so far. We are aware there could be issues because of this, but, we do this out of love and passion for the games that inspired it. There is no money involved and never will be, and if we have provided some players with enjoyment or spurred any interest in another company’s games, then all is good. At this point in time we will continue forward as planned.

When will the game be finished?

  • Traditionally we joke by saying 2068, but in reality it’s not possible to answer this question. For a vertical slice of the game like this demo, the style must be fully established and almost all of the code has to be written upfront. As the game expands, that balance of tasks will shift. We expect the perceived progress to get faster over time, but that being said, demos like this, especially when the developers are doing it in their spare time for fun, may still take a few years before another update is ready. We hope players understand this.

How do I support this game?

  • We do not accept any monetary support of any kind—never have, never will. We do this for the love of video games, and you can support it by simply being a fan.

Will this feature / this enemy / this boss / this upgrade be in the final game?

  • Further testing is needed. To be determined.


How do I scroll down in the logbook?

  • Click and drag. We plan to add additional methods in the future.

The game will not open for me. It says it “cannot display properly on this system” and I should “open in a shell to see why.” What should I do?

  • Unfortunately this means your hardware is missing features required to play this game. Prime 2D requires support for OpenGL2+, and certain integrated-graphics devices are not able to support that. To read the detailed list of missing features, you can use Command Prompt (cmd) or PowerShell to run the exe file.

How do I switch to a different window when the game is full-screen?

  • On Windows, press F4 to return to windowed mode and then alt-tab should work again. A recent change in a third-party library caused our full-screen mode to behave this way, and it annoys us as well.

Can I resize the window?

  • Yes. In windowed mode, you can alt-tab away to free your mouse and then maximize or resize the window.

I found a bug. Where do I report it?

  • You can report it in the #bug-report channel of our Discord server. We are aware of a few rare bugs already: occasionally the player may be in a sideways pose during the elevator ride, in rare cases a texture may be invisible until loaded again, on specific graphics cards the menus may occasionally look strange, among others. We are always happy to hear your reports of any issues, as they can only make the game better.

Is it a bug that spring ball uses a morph ball bomb?

  • This is intentional.

How do I delete a save file?

  • On the file select menu in-game, highlight a save file and hit the “delete” key on your keyboard to be brought to a confirmation screen. Alternatively you can navigate to %appdata%\NetMission\Demo2021 on your computer and delete the files there.

Hey Team SCU,

I do have a question tho, which might gets added into the FAQ. What about applications for the Team? Are you searching for new members to help you work on the game? How do they / can they apply and what specific are you searching for? What are the qualifications and so on.

With best regards,


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Hello Matthew and all the Team SCU. As a huge fan of Metroid Prime, I instantly fell in love with your demo, thank you for giving us a different way to enjoy the Prime series.

I also wanted to let you know that if you need music from different composers, I’d be happy to help. I am a composer/producer based in Lyon, France, and I already released 2 metroid songs (a prime rescore and a metal version of prime main theme) with samples and sounds used by Kenji Yamamoto for the original game.

Feel free to check out the videos on youtube, and get in touch with me if you need custom songs or re-imagined versions of the original songs of MP :

Wish you the best with the development :slight_smile:


Team SCU does most of its recruiting through the discord server in the time being. This may change later. Try to contact a member of the Essence on the discord about recruitment.

Furthermore, you can email us at

Can I change the sensitivity/speed of my mouse movement?

Wasn’t sure where to ask this, but with the recent takedown announcement, you’ll be needing to a new story and I’d like to help with that if there’s a need. Cheers!