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hi there im kinda half good with game maker but not as good i as want to be :blush: i really wanta make some games but i am limted with skill i need help with the following three things

#1 how to make a camera view follow more then one object examles : link (1st object) and link with his sword out (2nd object) or samus then samus with an upgrade (new suit)

#2 i also need to know how to do text (talking) i want to make a zelda game but dont know how to do text but i dont need a codeing engine but i cant do code only them little tile things

and last #3 is it possible to do every in tiles as it is in code …does one advange over da other

ps thanks in advance if u help me with my prob.

Troid Edit: Now the official GM help topic.

Just wondering, is English your native language? I’m having a hard time deciphering your text. :neutral_face: Oh, well.

#1 Having the camera follow multiple objects would take an unnecessarily large amount of code. Instead, you should just have Link be the same object with and without his sword, and give it a variable (something like holding_sword) which is equal to 0 while he’s not holding it and 1 while he is. Then have it change the sprite when that variable changes.

#2 The text thing I can’t help you with. Technocracy uses voice audio, so I’ve never even tried text boxes before. :confused:

#3 Code has an incredible number of advantages over drag-and-drop actions (the tiles you’re talking about). The only reason everyone doesn’t use it is that it is more complicated and difficult to learn. If I were you, I’d start using little pieces of code now, when you’re still learning how to make games, and by the time you have a playworthy idea fully fleshed out in your imagination, you’ll be skilled enough to make it happen.

thanks Sabaal for ya help
yeh i no my type’n horrible :confused: oh well

i have actully a couple of games i made there short but still kinda good
but i dont no how make it so u can them from a post or reply :cry:

so does anyone else have advice on how to do text with-out useing code???

and also Sabaal how would i do all them variable thing with the camera problem?

what kind of text do you mean? message box? directly on screen?

as for the camera problem:

Make an invisable object called “camera” with dimentions similar to the object(s) you want to have move the view. Set the view to follow the invisible object. Make sure you put an event for the visible object(s) that they jump to x0, y0 of the invisible object. Put the move events in the invisible object. Now, whereever the invisible object moves, any other visible that jumps to x0 y0 of the invisible object, will move with it.

you may not understand this, but, it works for me.

i guess i should state something or other…

my text engine is approximately 400 lines of code…
now try to imagine that in Drag & Drop…
also note the fact that, it would have to be done repeatedly for everything you want the character to say

then again if you’re not try to capture the feel of a zelda game
just draw a box (using the D&D that looks kinda like a yellow square with a red box or something on it) and right after that put the text over the top (using the D&D to draw text, which kinda looks like a yellow square with a blue letter A on it) and make sure it is all in the draw event, also you will need a few if statements so the correct textbox is displayed

What!? :O_O:
400 lines of code!?
What version of GM are you using?

thanks ‘WWakerFAN’ that helped :smiley: i know will will most likely never be able to do a 400 lined code :confused: so the little D&D thing will have to be good enough thanks you’ve helpd alot.

also does anyone no how to make a exe. avalible for download off a post or reply :confused: because i have made some little simple one roomed engines but never a game out of them.

I use to host my files. To link to them from a post, first make an account there, upload the file, and find its URL in the file list. Then use this code in your post:

[url="url.of.your/file"]Text part of the link goes here.[/url]

That will create a link to whatever is in the url tag, which, if you entered the right url, should take you straight to the file for download.

meh to confuseing for me :O_O: :confused:

for number 1, make the first object that is followed samus. then for samus diferent suit, make its parent samus, then it will follow samus different suit as well.

Brilliant :O_O: I never thought of that.

thank you all so much with ur help i’ve made same games alreaddy my favoutrite being a somari version of a sonic game i made

i didnt for a while (when i first used game maker), but after a week, i figured it out. and ur welcome Light Samus.

edit: and where u being sarcastic MP2:E?

No, I wasn’t I had done different ways but I never had thought of that. :laughing:

ok then. and glad i could help!

most of the code is for formatting strings

if i didn’t include multicolored text, automated text centring, codes for the special things (special characters, when to change the text color etc.)

then it would likely be a whole lot smaller :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry if It becomes an annoying bump but…
1.make an object alled obj_camera
2.make all samuses parented by it
3.set the view to follow obj_camera

Yeah, it’s an annoying bump. He’s not even around anymore, and by now if he was still interested he’d be much farther than this stage.

Your description was already suggested earlier anyway.

lol don’t get me wrong, i’m still around, just don’t really post anymore lol. Yes as you can see from the dates that was over a year ago. That game is WAAAAAAY done and over haha.

(can’t believe how much of a GM n00b i was lol.)

as i said thanks you all for the help…AKA you helped and didn’t need anymore help :unamused: