Official E3 Thread

Stuff’s coming in at IGN. I’m currently loading the gigantic Zelda trailer. Sweet!

EDIT: Holy freaking crap! The Zelda trailer kicks serious ass! I recomend loading it off the official Nintendo site on low bandwidth so it goes faster.

Heh. I haven’t seen it yet, but I expect that X-Play and G4 will show it. I hope some/more info is released on the DS, Revolution, and Hunters. Or better yet, MP3! :astonished:

Editage: My god, the Revolution is so small…it’s just about smaller than the PS2 Slim o_o But curse Nintendo for being so tight-lipped so far! The 360 is looking cool, but the PS3 is seeming a liiiiittle better. Just a little…

There’s some Revolution information on Nintendo

The Revolution looked cool
The little trailer of metroid prime 3 looked very nice too :smiley:

the metroid prime 3 trailer’s at scu