ODST Rescue

Check out my first attempt at machinima, ODST Rescue!

ODST Rescue

That’s really good, especially for a first attempt, that’s excellent!!! :clap:

ohhh! is that where you use models and such from a game in a movie? that’s what they did in the WoW southpark episode wasn’t it?

Machinema is just “machine” + “cinema”. It doesn’t have a real definition, but people understand it to mean a movie made within the limits of a game engine.

That pretty much is the definition. Making a movie with a game.

Making all those gmod movies on youtube machinema.
Most of them truly suck.

It’s pretty good and all, it’s just that it’s pretty much a save film of campaign with some funky music <.<


If I could get a save film to be edited like that, I would be really, really, happy.

Good job for a first attempt. The only suggestion I can suggest is that you use a capture card or some such device to improve the quality. Other than that, great job.