Now WTF should i get ???

Now i’ve been saveing up for a long time now and want to by anew consol so nows the question what should i get (i have a Wii) I was going to by a Xbox 360. But just found out about the Ring Of Death. What do you think

get a better pc, every xbox game ever will eventually be released on the pc.

And they won’t be shit anymore.

I am a recording artist so i use a Mac.
Is it worth getting a PC.

For gaming? Yeah.
I thought macs had reasonably good graphics cards, though?
Or is that the even more expensive ones?

Reasonably, but you can get allot better on a PC for allot less.
Also, even if you had a beastly mac, very few games run on them, and almost none of the current gen ones work, even through emulation.

Less you install Windows on your mac, but PC’s are upgradable, and cheaper.

never a PS3 =D

With some games that won’t come to the PC and the fact that RRoD is rare now also $1000 versus $300 a 360 is worth it moreso than a PC

as far as PS3 vs. 360 is really a question of Resistance/MGS4/LBP vs. Halo 3/Gears 2/BK:N&B

PC can be cheap.
I know a guy who can make a dual-sli, 4GB DDR2, and 1 TB HDD for $300. >_>

MGS4 is the only reason i would get a PS3
not enough for me to pay that much xD

i got a 360 for free cuz it had the ring
i cured it
and a friends
i had 4 lights he had 3

and i didnt even void the warranties ;D

four graphics cards? whoa

and dear candyman criminal: the difference between PS3 and xbox is that ps3 games stay on the ps3 until the games have working emulators on the PC. at least the ones who are ps3-only. xbox has none of those (or at least less of them).
i’d rather play MGS4 over halo 3 on my pc.

You may pay slightly more for a FANTASTIC OMG CRYSIS VERY HIGH 60FPS machine, but even low end graphics cards are more powerful than current gen consoles, plus you get to use a motherfucking mouse.
You know, being slightly more accurate?

and OMG even these lower end machines STILL cost more than a 360

besides H3 will take a while, Gears 2 will NEVER see PC as stated by Cliffy B.


Yeah, but Cliffy B has also said casual games are like a one-night stand, that gears2’s story is revolutionarily emotional, and generally acts like a dicktwat.

Valve, who I trust a lot more not to be fucking retarded, said the orange box wouldn’t come to PS3. It did. So WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN :smiley:

Plus why would you want to play g2 when you have g1, they’re the same game.

A low end PC would cost more than a 360, but you’re not just buying a games machine, you’re buying something useful.
Try and write an essay on your 360, eh?

Shop around much?
And that’s without buying parts separate, which is even cheaper.
Also, for comparison,
The 360 has 1GB DDR2, and the $300 core has a 20 GB HDD.
So this computer is actually better.

That’s a good deal actually.

The 360’s hardware hasn;t changed for 2.5 yearsish, so as technology advances without it, the PC will start to become massively more powerful at a fraction of the price. That’s not all the story though, consoles don’t have to have an abstraction layer like DirectX, so they get more bang from their GPUs than a PC does.

Additionally, PCs are easy to upgrade.
Try playing XBox 720 games on your 360.

yuck a 8200

The built-in is a 8800.
But yeah.

Yeah, the 8200 isn’t great.

The 360’s card, though, is a specially built card by ATI called the Xenon, which is often thought to the the predecessor to ATI’s PC based radeon HD 2000 range.

We’re on 4000 now.