Now, this is different...

This game …

Its translation defies all convention and logic, especially in this day and age (PS2 is still relatively recent, compared to the usual badly translated NES shooters and such).

The lines are bad enough, but check out the acting too… XD

There are three dialogues, so don’t just kill it after the fight starts.

Moar here. Some of the best ones are here.

wow… that’s just… BAD.

I am impressed. It’s not often you see the phrase “Idiot Power!” used seriously. It brings back memories of Zero Wing, but at least that was an earlier game. Humorous nonetheless.

(P.S. Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?)

Too much green.
I’m only 17.
Too much Fighting…I don’t like it.
I’m so pissed! Stop making trouble!
Kicking your butts.

Brings back some “all your bases” jokes.