Non-GM fangames?..

So, Gamemaker games tend to A) suck and B) not run on my computer (or any other computer I’ve ever used).

Is there a secret stash of Metroid fangames programmed in a “real” (no offense, note the quotation marks) programming language? X|

I managed to get the p2d demo working on a school computer with no sound card, and it was okay, but it doesn’t look like it’ll be very fun to play. The engine was technically one of the best fan-made engines I’ve seen yet, but the enjoyment level was sort of super-low because of the design. Idunno. I really need to find me a good, solid fangame. :cry:

It’s a demo, bud.
Wait for the real thing…

But uh, you need a better computer. Any computer newer than like… 2000 should be fine with GM (Windows PC, of course).

As for non-GM metroid fangames, the only one I know of is P2D (the final version).

Well, there are some pretty good Clickteam games out there, which (no offense)
tend to be more enjoyable than GM games. Why? I hate it how most GM engines have that “so smooth it’s like playing in slow motion!” effect. It’s boring, and feels
very unresponsive. But as for looking for a fangame programmed in a “real” language, don’t get your hopes up. If people can’t finish a game on Gamamaker, chances of them finishing a game from scratch is near zero.

The P2D demo is a work-in-progress new engine–version 2.6 had more solid controls and was very polished, while this one doesn’t even have half the features working yet. Give it more time before judging it like a real demo.

As for Game Maker not working… Grah, what I have against Game Maker right now is their stupid YoYo Games thing. Their new FAQ is completely unhelpful for this sort of problem, but the old one at least had some specific error messages and how to solve them. Here’s one I happened to quote here a while ago, in case it helps:

But I doubt that will help an “unexpected error” problem. Most computers, as Tim said, will run GM games without errors or anything, so…

Regarding fangames made/being made without Game Maker…

  • Metroid: Net Mission: C++/OpenGL
  • MetEngine: C++/OpenGL/DirectX (I think)
  • QuadForce: RPG Maker 2003
  • Corrupt Engine: TGF/MMF
  • Initial Recon: Blender?
  • Shooter: Blitz Basic
  • Genesis: Visual Basic
  • Probably many others, I’m just skimming through topic names here
    Yeah, some aren’t “real” languages, but… Game Maker’s not the only thing.

Dragon: The “smoothness” is just the fact that most people have the world-updating and rendering included all together, because GM doesn’t encourage otherwise. However, there are a lot of different methods, sometimes similar to those in other languages, for separating the two and letting rendering frameskips happen to keep the gameplay at full speed.

But yeah, nobody does that, so moot point. <_<

Not enjoyable to play? IMHO if you don’t think that P2D is going to be fun, you probably hate Metroid in general.

I kind of agree.“Real” programming language is something called “hard” and “time-consuming”. GM can make games fast and easily. The best part is, besides the loading screen, you cannot tell the difference between a “real” game. But now (going back to how I kind of agree), GML does have its downsides… such as lack of control (I mean seriously, load everything in the beginning?) and other things that we do not need to go into further detail. I once was like you too, thinking GML was crappy and for noobs. Turns out, most games made from scratch come from GUI game makers. That says a lot there.

Well there are several reasons why I hate GM:

  1. engines are damn impossible to perfect without a good 10 years of work
  2. GM fails to understand that there are these things that can plug into USB ports called controllers
  3. good physics engines are impossible without skills in C or better

just to name a few.

Those would be good reasons, except
1.) That describes every language

2.) Not everybody have and use controllers. Many retail games don’t support controllers

3.) That describes every language

  1. It’s also a major exaggeration
  2. Um… Game Maker HAS joystick support >_>
  3. It also takes knowledge in math and geometry

As stated before, GameMaker does have joystick support. The thing is… not all people understand enough to include controls in the step event instead of key events. And as for smoothness, people are also too lazy to change the room speed. The default is 30 fps, but you can change it to 60 or set it to “9999,” and make it run at the full speed of the computer.

EVen if GM didn’t have controller support… you can use Joy2Key or something similar and do it anyway >_>

Buh. Quote guy, A) Don’t tell me what I’m going to like or not. :stuck_out_tongue: You’re wrong, anyways; the reason I’m looking for a Metroid fangame is that I want moar Metroid. Metroid games are, in fact, the only games I play - literally.

C) You absolutely can tell the difference. Every Gamemaker game feels and looks the same, regardless of sprites used. The physics, collision, crappy animation (individual frames are off by multiple pixels), etc. give it away every time… P2D is, so far, the exception to the above in terms of crappiness (because it isnt) …but you can still tell it’s Gamemaker.

Anyways, hearing that the new version is C++ makes me SOOOO happy. Now I can sit back and wait. (And work on my own fangame. >_<)

Edit: “version 2.6 had more solid controls and was very polished, while this one doesn’t even have half the features working yet. Give it more time before judging it like a real demo.”

Wait. 2.6 is the one I played. What are you referring to?

joy2key takes up too much ram in most cases 2,283 kb of teh precious ram

…out of at LEAST 256,000 (plus tax)

DF released a new (but short) demo last week, moose.

I’ve used Gamemaker for several years, and if you know what you’re doing, it can be a very powerful program. Maybe not as flexible as C++, but still the best cheap gamemaking program on the web. Multimedia Fusion sucks.


Speaking of asking where the demo is, you guys need to organize this forum/site in such a way that it’s not impossible to find demos on. :stuck_out_tongue:

not true I have a USB AirFlo Contoller and it works just fine with GM in fact I had a Joystick tutorial up at one point and i designed that with THAT controller. I also managed to get GM7 to print to a USB Printer.

Don’t just say “mmf sucks” if you have no proof or anything to back it up. Multimedia Fusion doesn’t suck, it too is a powerfull program. Most people
assume it’s bad because they don’t know how to work it, but (like GM)
if you know what your doing you can make some great games. Infact, MMF
can make some pretty usefull apps as well, not just games. GM doesn’t suck,
and neither does MMf.

EDIT: Moose, if you are looking for a good fangame to play, Metroid: Bounty should interest you. Yes, it’s a GM game, but dispite some of it’s flaws it was one of the better Metroid games out there.

It’s just a demo, though; takes about 20 minutes to finish if you’re slow.