No wii hockey

I read in the toronto sun newspaper that they will not be bringing out a Hockey game for the WII. :angry:

That would be pretty cool if they did… Joystick could move and stuff… Wants wii hockey to come in wii sports

REALLY??? thats bad…i love hockey!(well, street hockey)

Nice ad chozo dude :sunglasses:

yeah… it wouldnt be too hard, just use the nunchuck controller 4 movement, and the regular controller 4 swinging the stick.

shouldn’t this have been in the offical wii topic? oh well shrugs

i guess it doesnt really matter…

im not really a fan of hockey, but i bet someone will eventually make a hochey game for wii… i mean, the controller are MADE for hockey!

It wsn’t made for hockey, it was made to be a lightsaber.

or a sword! or a power beam! =3

anyway, we’re talking about the nintendo made games for the wii when it comes out, like wii golf, etc., not about something released by another developer.


there is a game with a sword: red steal.
its alll japanese and stuff and you fight the yakusa with guns and a couple swords

GO RED STEEL!!! but i think they would have NHL 06 (or 07) out for the wii. same thing for NBA!