No internet?

Well, Comcast (being Comcast), left me without internet for about a month. First two weeks: They had a networking problem. Third Week: My router that I (my family) rented from them broke down and they got us a replacement. Fourth week: After switching routers, there was a billing error and that took a week to fix. So there you have it, ONE FULL MONTH without internet. This really got me thinking, how big of an impact does the internet have in my life? Seriously, what would you do if you didn’t have access to the web (or worse GASP, no Counter-Strike!)?

if i were u, i would have just bought a d-link router and theres 1 week shaved off of the month.

i mean… a rental router? i have never heard of that being done b4.

You’ve never heard of one? Who is your ISP?

uhm. go outside. make friends.

Friends have internet, too… :smiley:

Quest and Cox… just dont ask why i have 2 >.>

i would have a lot more free/BORED time without internet, but i would definately survive. real friends and stuff. and yes, you could always go to diedrichs or your friends house and use the internet there :]