Nintendo Revolution Launch title?

What do you want the Nintendo Revolution® Launch title to be?

  • Metroid Prime 3
  • Mario 128
  • Zelda: Twighlight Princess
  • Other…
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Metroid Prime 3- Definately!.. Can’t wait for this to come out!
Mario 128- Honestly… I’ve never heard of it until a little while ago…
Zelda: Twighlight Princess- Is this gonna be a GameCube® title or a Revolution® title?..
Other…- What then!?

Mario 128 should launch with the revolution. I’ve stated before why, but MP3 would be fine. I hardly doubt it will be so, though. Metroid games only appeal to a certain group, while people of all ages can enjoy Mario. Plus, it’s another jump.

Zelda: Twilight Princess is for the gamecube. It comes out this fall.

And there is no doubt that the revolution will launch with a Mario game, but they have said they do not know if it will be mario 128 or something else. Although I would love to have MP3 as the launch title…

edit: I lied, I want Smash Brothers 3 to be the launch title! Even though I do not know what smash bros. 3’s actual name will be… and just to let you know, this game WILL be available when the revolution comes out.

METROID PRIME 3!!! i think its Super Smash Brothers Revolution. not super smash 3.

they have to do mario, hes their man main, he started what we know today (besides donkey kong :stuck_out_tongue: ). i know they really are wearing him out but they have to do it they just have to.
its the nintendo way

Uhh, the launch titles are Mario 128, and Metroid Prime 3. As said in an E3 conference…

There are specificaly some that when they launch a system are for some reason more important to them then the others.
And also, it’s probably NOT smash brothers revolution, due to the fact that revolution is just a code name, not the final name. But then again, so was DS for the DS… But anyway, smash brothers 3, whatever the name, will also come out at the same time as the revolution.

last I checked, the revolution IS the final name for the new system.

when and where’d you hear that?

I’d be a lot happier if the revolution is the final name…

It hasen’t been announced yet, but they’ll probably stick with the revolution. It’s already on the console, afterall. :stuck_out_tongue:

True. Now all we have to do is sit and wait until friday (around 7 pm, depending on where you live…) when nintendo’s big speach will be… check it out on

And we FINALLY get to hear about the controllers!!!

Eastern Timezone ^_^!

Or pacific. I’m not really sure. >_>

i bet the controllers and everything on their is gonna be unexpecting, like everything else in this world. it was even unexpected i typed this. lol

how do you KNOW I didn’t expect it, hmmmm? o.OV

Alright, I actually have almost exact time zones. For usa…
eastern: 7
central: 6
mountain: 5
pacific: 4
and if you are in alaska…

ehem…cough 2006 cough

Shutup, they moved it back again, nothing new with nintendo. They moved digimon rumble arena 2 back at least 5 times before I got that thing into my hands.
And my basis on that was that they said in an interview they would have it out by this holiday season. That being christmas 2005

Its supposed to come out June 6,september,october,november,holidays,Now 2006…I know when it comes out becouse:
1)ZELDA fan
2)Ive been waiting for this game since E3 2004

hey hey, I’m a zelda fan too, AND I’ve been waiting since E3. I want those horse battles…