Nintendo getting sued?

This is bad news.

Why did this happen?IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE
Nintendo wouldn’t do this…

dude!it feels like ive been waiting forever for my wii! im sure its just a coincidence that nintendo developed the same technology at around the same time.

damit Some Fucker thinks the wiimote is similar to his retarded thing no fucking fair nintendo should win and if they don’t i will have someones head :imp:

Its so obvious Nintendo is going to win, think about it, Is a small company is going to win
on a HUGE company? maybe not…

its the argument that wins.not the size of the company.

Okay, can somebody please explain to me how in the flying fuck a video game console detracts from the sales of a pointer thingy? There’s no connection whatsoever ouside of a vague similarity in remote design, and they’re for completely different purposes…

Lamest. Lawsuit. Ever.

I concur. The only reason they’re suing is because they can. Leeching off a company like nintendo is bound to get them some cash, even though they definelty wont be able to stop production of the Wii. Still, it’ll be a setback, since this company will get could get some of nintendo’s profits from the Wii, depending how the case goes.

No way. It’s a complete bullshit case. They’re suing because they "lost profit’ to something that has nothing to do with their product and does not compete with it in any way. They lost as much profit from this as from a goddamned aquarium.

i say, if nintendo loose’s, LETS START AN ANGRY MOB!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

thats exactly what would happen, if th Wii was taken off the market, then the people of that company would be murdered!

I wouldnt say people from that company necessarily, though it is possible. But there would be riots at local stores, people trying to steal Wii’s before they were destroyed.

I hope your right. Mabye worst case, Nintendo loses some money for compensation. But still, I didnt expect someone to try and sue Nintendo for something like this.

Even if they won the lawsuit… the only thing they’ve got on Nintendo is patent infringement. They didn’t lose any money, but they do have the same technology idea as Nintendo.
Now, I’m not an expert in law, and I don’t know shit about law, frankly, but as I understand it, Nintendo could just work out a reasonable deal to buy the patent from the other company (not hard when you’re a gigantic company) and there’s absolutely no threat to the sale of the Wii, just to a bit of Nintendo’s money. The one thing that might be bad, however, is that Nintendo might have to pay a fraction of the profit from every Wii, or something like that… that wouldn’t stop sale, I don’t think, because they’d still profit, but it might make the Wii more expensive, or something like that.
Again, I don’t really know what I’m talking about, but I’m pretty sure that the Wii will be sold no matter what.

…They’re suing Nintendo because they have a patent on a remote-shaped device with buttons on it, and a place for inserting batteries. Right.

I’m going to go patent a remote-shaped device with an analog stick and buttons and sue the next person to use my idea. I mean, it’s such an original idea, and I deserve credit for it.

Edit: The analog stick and buttons will be attached to an electronic circuit board. When pressure is put on a button, it will pop down. Data will be sent to the board that the button is pushed down. When the analog stick is tilted, data will be sent to the board that tells where the analog stick is located. The user will hold the controller with their hand. Their fingers will generally be located within reach of the buttons and analog stick. The controller will follow the laws of gravity in this universe. The hands holding it will most likely be human. It is made of matter. It closely resembles an object. There is a place to insert batteries on it. The batteries should be made of matter, too. The analog stick is on the top, and the buttons are located on any of the six sides of the device. The buttons have a shape.

K, done being overly facetious. Yes, I don’t know anything about law either.

ROFL, remove the Wii fron the market?! Like THAT’S going to happen! XD

if its the same shape, how cares, how else are we going to hold it?

Like I said, there will be outrage if they try to. People who have been waiting might raid nearby stores if they hear that all the Wii’s will be destroyed. Very few people will return Wii’s if requested, so it’s just completely bogous.

Nintendo getting sued by some company that think there little things is the same as the Wiimote, there fucking crazy no way Nintendo would take the Wii off the market since how many allready been sold. This company better forget about it. There remote thingy may look similar but it looks like a tazer or one of those zapping thing off of Star Trek.

This company better be careful or else have the whole gaming comunity after them.

Wow. So if this lawsuit happens than can sony and samsung sue each other for having remotes for their tvs?

It’s totally reatarted, and your right, people would go all angry mob and go destroying stores and ect. ect. ect.

i say, fuck the small company, and if they sue nintendo, who gives a fuck anyway? nintendo wont take wii of market, and the small company will probably get sod all. my dads friend got sued by a small company once, and he won the case, so that proves small shitty companys cant stand against larger ones.