Nintendo DS Hilarity continues. [FAKE]

Hahaha, check this out, seriously.

Bad luck, DS owners. Unless you wanted a half-assed PDA.

If we wanted a PDA we would have bought the URBZ! :laughing: ( In the game you get a dumb PDA- system.)

I hope that this is not true. Anyway, what company would make a system, then make a new one shortly after. It’s as if they are abandoning the DS.

Which would be dumb… (Now that I think of it this new system sounds like a copy of the N-Gage.


Um, WOW, that’s crazy.

But Nintendo still rocks.

(bad comments of Nintendo, gamecube, and ds taken out)

EDIT: Scratch that, although I have the freedom to speak, I’d be acused, hated, and overall disliked abroad on this forum (whcih I really, REALLY don’t neeed…)

I seriously doubt Nintendo would turn a system into a PDA. Ultimate disgrace!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Acutally it would be funny to see buiness people like Donald Trump have the PDA DS things! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


That’s Spong. Honestly, get a grip.

Trump: You’re Fired…turns around to play Metroid Prime Hunters and loses. Whoever beat me is fired too.

The DS is too big to be a practical PDA.
Aura: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Damnit Nintendo! I just spend $220 bucks on this thing and not a week later I hear news that you are going to release something new?! GRRR! :angry:

Is this some sick joke? A PDA? Peh. The DS will fail at that, because it is aimed for a younger demographic. What kind of adult would make a DS their palm pilot? I think I’m going to cry.

At least the PSP that I get for my birthday will have a longer life, hopefully.

Except that this news is not true. :>_>:

The younger demographic?! Have you SEEN the commercials? They’re trying to ‘sell it to horny teens’ angle. >_<

:lol: :laughing: :laughing:
I’m sorry, I just find the phrase “longer life” refering to the PSP hilarious. Doesn’t that thing like have a 2-hour battery span? :laughing:

Err…yeah, I probably should have mentioned that it’s fake.
Whoever edited, probably Daz as he’s the edit guy, good show.

It would have been really funny for all the people that bought DS’s if it had been real. But then again, I knew it was fake…

Donald trump will fall for it probably. :smiley:

Or perhaps FRED SAVAGE.

Who? :confused:

Is he one of the guys from Complete Savages on ABC? I loved that show.