Nintendo Attacks Poorly-Made Mario Fancreations

i knew they would do this eventually. there is so many mario debaucheries, or just nintendo games in general. i suppose there doing the right thing, considering half the mario fan stuff on the net is just plain bad.

well, wut do u all think?

Lol. I’m suprised this didnt happen earlier. It really does bother me the way the mario franchise has been butchered so badly. People have tried just about EVERYTHING with the characters and franchise, to the point where I no longer have respect for the series. But lawsuits? I wonder how that’ll work, and I’d like to hear more about nintendo’s view on this.

A month old, but Nice find.

if they succeed it is possible they will target other games including metroid.if that happens,p2d will be destroyed and become illegal.

I find this story highly dubious.

They can’t force people to take works offline simply because they’re “of poor quality”. Quality of art is entirely subjective.

And metroidkid, no. They refer specifically (assuming it’s even legitimate) to works of debauchery, unfitting parody, or poor quality. P2D is a high-quality respectful work that fits none of their complaints. It says that they enjoy seeing the high quality fanworks, which includes things like P2D.

Edit: …

Okay, guys? It says RIGHT AT THE TOP.

“Fake News”.

well,this topic ended fairly quickly

:sweat: damn, never noticed the fake news thing.

sigh I wish this had been real news, it’d save me some dignity.

LOL! You didn’t see the fake news thing? I didn’t either until I clicked “Fake News”. Then I said, “Oh, its there”.

Lol. I barely even read it.

I left a comment on the page itself, but I don’t understand why some people are posting seriously if it’s under their fake news section. :stuck_out_tongue: