Nintendo 3DS (Temp.)

Nintendo will release an all-new DS by March next year. Called Nintendo 3DS, it promises to offer 3D effects without the need for glasses.

The 3DS is a proper successor to the hit DS console and will support backwards compatibility for DS and DSi software.

The official statement reads: “Nintendo will launch 3DS”(temp) during the fiscal year ending March 2011, on which games can be enjoyed with 3D effects without the need for any special glasses.

“Nintendo 3DS”(temp) is going to be the new portable game machine to succeed “Nintendo DS series”, whose cumulative consolidated sales
from Nintendo amounted to 125million units as of the end of December 2009, and will include backward compatibility so that the software for
Nintendo DS series, including the ones for Nintendo DSi, can also be enjoyed.

“We are planning to announce additional details at E3 show, which is scheduled to be held from June 15, 2010 at Los Angeles in the U.S.”

Wow! So we’ll find out more at E3. Do you like the sound of the new DS?

It will be interesting to see what Nintendo brings to the table.

oh nintendo, you so crazy <3

You mean 3DS, successor to the DSi XL, successor to the DSi, successor to the DS Lite, successor to the DS.

Don’t forget the DSI XL.

I was just about to edit that in.

Well, you don’t need to, because I’m just that awesome.

as powerful as a gamecube eh?

now all they need is the appropriate number of buttons and a re-release campaign and I’d be sold hook line and sinker, as it stands I’m just really interested


It darn well better be 3D goggles, not some stupid “cross your eyes” crap. Hmm, maybe it could be viewing angle based…that’s an interesting idea.

Also, I have one of these: – I can already see any DirectX rendered games in stereoscopic 3D.

You couldn’t take the extra time to make that a link? ugh… Well, thats cool anyway. Good for you. Does it make gameplay any more interesting? Or does it make it confusing?

It’s cool for a few minutes. It doesn’t change gameplay much, although it made Batman: Arkham Asylum beautiful.

I’m not exactly sure how that will work without glasses…

Anyways, according to my sources in the hardware department, Nintendo ordered a couple hundred thousand Tegra 2 chips from Nvidia. AKA the “3DS” will be more powerful than the Wii. 3D, however, requires a massive amount of GPU processing, so all that gain will be taken back. :frowning:

And De: B:AA was so awesome in 3D because Nvidia put a buttload of money into it for their own 3D system, which also helps yours. PhysX in B:AA are flipping sick. Real-time volumetric fog and cloth interactions.

Unreal Technology baby.

Actually that’s Nvidia technology. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unreal just happens to be one of the few engines that natively supports it, and only did so recently.

Yeah, but now it’s in the UDK. Good for us.

except thats a DSi what he has

Yeah, but we believe that’s how it’s going to work.

that’s a really innovative and awesome idea… i’ll probably get that just cus its 3d :smiley:

Funny thing is a fan came up with it, and now Nintendo is stealing the idea. xD