Nightmares and

A little while ago, we had a topic that involed night terrors, so I htought we could share all the nightmares we remembered?

My favorite nightmare is when I was 5 or so, I had a nightmare about an elephant chasing me. The weird thing about it was, I was watching the elephant chase me from a 3rd person perspective… and we were 2D comic characters, both dressed in a red tee and blue shorts (Bart Simpson style).
I woke up crying. Scary elephant. :frowning:

[font=Trebuchet MS]I was walking down the street, everything looked normal. And before I knew it, every thing changed to red colors and black colors. And soon it got chilly. Then, out of nowhere, these army of clowns begin to appear, all looking scary as hell. I started crying (in the dream), then, someone handed me a bag of Beef Jerky, I ate some, and my fear went away. I grabbed a gun and began to kill the shit out of the clowns. One laughed maniacally, so I gave him a taste of pie-in-the-face. Soon I woke up and saw a kid’s party, I walked to the clown, and punched him in the face.

The moral of the nightmare is that, really, after I cried, I woke up, the rest was something I wished would’ve happened.[/font] :smiley:>

Is it just me or does everyone’s dreams seem… crazy?
Seriously, I had a dream I was playing Video Games. Then, the “video game” became reality and I suddenly was the sword wielding w/e. And then, I’m in school all of the sudden. :confused:
I remember this one nightmare… actually I don’t, I remember waking up crying one night when I was in Kindergarten. It was the first night my Grandma came to stay. I was just crying and not knowing why. :confused:

I used to have this dream that the world was ending because the moon was falling out of the sky. then I threw a rock at it and the world was safe, but the moon ate me and i died.

another is I fall of a building and I hit a post on my foot and die, then I fly out of the earth and I keep screaming I DONT WANT TO DIE!!! and then I wake up and everything hurts.

Uh-huh… Well, only THREE people (besides you) have stated their dreams. <_<; And the topic is “nightmares,” anyway, so people are bound to have a crazy nightmare at some point.

around 3 years ago I played Halo until like 3am (mountan time) slept till noon and I dreamed I was a grunt who died then another and another and another(you get the picture)

Nightmares. <____<; I don’t see that as a nightmare. <_<;

There was a witch in my attic once. That’s all I remember. (Note that my attic isn’t inhabitable. The attic that belonged to me in the dream was more like the second floor of my house, but made of nice, dusty wood.)

i have killer clown dreams all the time. killer clowns are my greatest fear, i just hate them.

Ooh, Mason, you reminded me.

One time, I had a dream about a witch in a purple cave. She was evil and everything, but I don’t remember details. A year or so later, I had the same dream, except instead of a witch, it was my neighbor. The thing is, I had this dream within a day of meeting him, and it turned out he was evil. It was like a prophecy…

Like a preminition, yeah I have those alot. probably just coi uh co I forgot how to spell it but you get hte picture

my worst nightmare whas when i dreamed that i was on my bed playing metroid prime 2 beating dark samus and i saw a shadow get closer and closer to me and then there was no one in my house so i continued playing and saw it again and a monster thin appeared from it(the shadow) the monster loked something like this (:E)and time stopped and could see myself dead on the bed…shivers ughh i try not to remember it 'cause every time i do i get goosebumps… :angry: :sweat:

one of the only nightmares i remember was when i was 6, its really wierd:
there are two boats, on one there is a blue chick, and a pink chick, and on the other was a wolf. i think the wolf chased the chicks down this river in a tunnel or somethin, and ate the pink one.

and that was really scared somehow

I forgot to bring my pants to school.

I got out of one of my classes and didn’t know where to go next, so I ran through long, empty hallways wondering where my next class was, and time just seemed to rocket out the window.

I watched my dad come out of the basement, say hi to me, then walk through the kitchen and elsewhere in the house. Then I turned back to look at the basement, and… He stepped out of it again with an evil smile and began laughing evilly.

I was stuck in a really crappy N64-ish dark green night sky with ugly brown ground and a low-poly mansion in the middle of nowhere. I walked inside and walked through some dark green wooden hallways with paintings and cabinets, until I turned around, and… There was a quadrangle-headed vampire with purple skin that looked like a Muppet.

There was a tornado on its way, so all of us went into the basement. Suddenly it broke through the basement walls (yes, there was actually ground and sky out there) and began zooming around the room, with everything flying outside and getting lost forever.

I stepped into a secret cave behind some teleporter crystals and a fairy. It looked a lot like my room, but everything was dark and yellow. I hopped in bed, and I had some friends standing next to me for some reason. A sheriff came in and I suddenly realized that all of us needed to pretend we were little kids. He gave me some message, and I said “okay” in a high-pitched voice. He began leaving, but as I brought my head up, he turned around, stared at me, and realized that I wasn’t a little kid. He got out a gun, ran in, and fired at the ceiling. He wanted to know what the name of one of my friends was, so I said “Billy” to have him think we’re actually little kids. He fired at the ceiling again and asked one more time and to be serious, so I said “Billy” again. Then he killed Billy and said “SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON’T TELL THE TRUTH” and began shooting my other friends, and I tried explaining to him that his name really is “Billy” and that he’s just a grown up “Billy” and he shot me.

Some spoiled little girl was trying to steal my Etch-A-Sketch that I cherished so much from out of my hands, and her mother wasn’t doing anything about it. I was calling to my grandpa to come help me keep my grip on it, but he was walking into some giant building a mile down the sidewalk to the left and couldn’t hear me. I woke up screaming “GRANDPA!” really loudly, but fortunately nobody heard me.

I was listening to a snare drum play a bunch of notes and rhythms over and over, but suddenly it played two really loud notes at the end. (note: this is a nightmare not because I was scared in the dream, but because the sound was so realistic that I thought it was my alarm and was about to turn it off; but it wasn’t–instead, it was actual gunfire somewhere nearby, and my dad was downstairs phoning the police to report the two shots he heard)

My throat was a long, narrow, dark cave with a mine track in it, and some crazy pile of laughing yellow goo with a beard kept trying to ride up, but I kept forcing him down. I think I threw up later that night.


Just to mention a few of my nightmares… Yes, I woke up scared and shaking and freaked out for all of them.

Oh, and by the way, these nightmares are pretty tame and normal compared to most of my non-nightmare dreams. Oh man, I’ve spent whole lunch hours explaining one of them to my friends… the “epic” one, along with many others like it. Although, the nightmare about the sheriff is the ending of one of the longer, crazier dreams I’ve had. There was a ton of stuff before it.

Wow… Freaky dude. XD Have any more dreams? I’m interested now. :smiley:

Er… I had one earlier when I came home today (yeah I go to sleep after I come home from school).

Apparently the Germans had gone mad again and were starting a war. A mini Hitler was shooting a pistol saying, “YAAARRG!!” A bunch of other people in tuxedos were running around throwing papers around. Suddenly, I was in space and was witnessing what my mind portrayed as a supernova: A nuclear weapon. Before I knew it the Nuke hit me in the stomach and kept nudging on me till it reached the atmosphere of Earth. It was going so fast and straight that it blew up in the air along with me in it.

I woke up after wondering if it was a dream or not. And after that I thought I was in a dream again… I wasn’t so sure, until I realized the Germans weren’t going mad. =D

In one of my dream i was playing ssbm and i got a phone call.So i went to answer the phone and some guy in the voice of a clown said “You will be raped in 7 days”.Next thing i knew i woke up.Then 7 days later when i went to sleep my dream was running away from a clown who was trying to rape me.That was just weird.


i had a dream 2 nights ago that the game i ordered from arrived, and that morning it did.

mine will seem the wierdest. anyway, this dream somehow comes back to me about once a year and i dont know why. the scene opens up on the gears like ones inside a grand clock turning and it is immediately a menacing atmosphere. the idea somehow comes across to me that machines are taking over the world (i think i forgot that part about the dream) and the dream keeps going to a battlefield with robots and back to the gears. finally, after about 3 times and im terrified, i find myself sitting in a flower shop and purchasing flowers. the fear goes away instantly! O.o

The most scary nightmare I’ve had that I can remember was about 10 years ago, we were at our small house in the field (we use for when we go to that place, it’s far from the city), and it was very dark. All the trees were dead, and suddenly the room we were was shaking. I was told to get out and run, and we all jumped into a car (which was a hot wheels car I had bought) and off we went, suddenly being chased by a skeleton of a t-rex, and when it reaches us I wake up.