Next Metroid

Is Nintendo making more metroid games right now besides MP3? :confused:

Metroid Pinball.

That’s not out yet, right? :sweat:

… that came out in, like, November.



Make that October…

Perhaps Metroid Dread. IF that even comes out, which it might.

Apparently that got re-re-confirmed again… >_>

Metroid Dread is supposed to be a side-scroller, right?

Yup. And i have yet to learn the storyline… :sweat:

Oh, well gee, let’s all mope because YOU don’t know the storyline.

Nevermind that no one in the entire world does yet save maybe the people working on it, and nevermind that it might not even EXIST… >_>

Dread doesn’t sound very Metroid-ish (the name). But it’s the only other Metroid game being worked on.
Thank you Wikipedia! :smiley:

I hope MP3 isn’t the end of Metroid Prime I want it to go on and on and on!
I like Metroid Prime :metroid:


Well, we have Hunters already, and likely a Hunters 2 due to the cliffhanger, so the Prime-style series isn’t dead overall… just the Phazon storyline.

Daz has a point. “Prime” has become pretty much synonymous with “first-person Metroid game”. The original Primes, the ones involving Phazon, are about to end, but I’m sure they’ll make more Metroid FPS/FPAs. And they’ll probably have the “prime” label, since Nintendo will want to keep “Prime” associated with Metroid FPSes (marketing tactic FTW!).

But yeah, it’s a trilogy. MP3 marks the end of all Phazon and Metroid Prime (both the creature and the series).

Edit: ABBREVIATION OVERLORD!! head explodes

You’ve finished Metroid Prime 3 at 100%, and you’re waiting for the ending…

then BAM! A trailer for Metroid Prime Hunters 2! :astonished:

Okay but I like the Metroid prime game play

Well if all this conspiracy is true, then Metroid will be ending soon. Prime 3: end of Prime storyline. Dread: end of entire storyline (at least I think) Of course they could always add more in between the games, but… I just don’t know. :wink:

THE END??? Oh man… I’m scared… I feel all cold…
Then we need more fan games!

Weeeeeeeeell, there’re plenty of those, aight. Ya just hafta wait for 'em to be finished.