new way for space jump boots

since im a little clumsy with the dash thing, ive been looking for new ways up to the space jump boots. one way isnt a surefire thing but im working on it. look to the left of the missile expansion behind the ship and their are a some roots growing up the wall. to the very slightest bit left of that is an indention that with some careful ghetto jumping, u can land on the very edge of it. when their if u jump out of the hole and then push up against it again, u can get stuck in the wall above it. ull slide down it and back into the hole u got into before. this is as far as ive gotten. can anyone help out and build from this? i swear their is a way up from this point.

well i tried to the most and i think is just a bug… but as i am persisten as a LINK i will just keep trying every day, now theres two people in the project :smiley: