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Fck this sht.

So it is taking me forever to complete this image and I want to show it.
That sucks. Anyway, here it is, unfinished and not as 1337 as it will look when I finally finish it.

Feel free to love it.

fukken epic

Thanks. :slight_smile:

The snot from his nose really adds a lot :smiley:

Ok, it doesn’t look like this anymore. This is what I uploaded to G+ last night.
That version looked like crap. The current one is looking pretty 1337.

Come on! Give me some all caps rage!


actually it looks pretty good =]

Here is a secret I just recently learned about. (I filled in the white with colors from that area so it works better):

Set a top layer to ‘color’ and fill it with black. This will let you toggle greyscale with ease. Then zoom way out. If the image is properly structured, and values are correct, it will still read well. If not, work on value.

For example, notice how Link and Ganon’s Cape are disappearing into the background, and how the torch isn’t actually creating any light.

Composition itself is fine, it’s just value that needs some work. :slight_smile:

Zurg i really value your input.

Oh god my brain…

4 colors per sprite and 4 frames per animation.

holy fucking sexy as fuck

Spank you!

Very apocalyptic. I like. Any reason why the normal bricks are animated?

Everything will be animated. Eeeeeeverything.

im ok with this

I thought that it could look cool if everything on screen is animated. It doesn’t have to be large animations or anything. I just want everything to feel alive.

The player could leave dust clouds behind as they walk :3 Maybe those could be alive as well…

especially since the blocks used to be people

I feel like that would just make the screen too busy though. Hard to actually tell where the action is.