New team members?

Well, I saw a topic here and it said that if anyone wants to join the team, they’ll have to make something, and join the SCU thingy forum… (Me=graphics!) Well, I joined a while ago, and my account still ain’t activated…

As for making something, I’m thinking of Metroid Prime Essence, because according to the list, nobody is working on it.

So, please make that red text yellow, whoever startep that topic…

Well, I guess I’ll have to post everything here, and sorry for posting this new topic, but I just can’t log on that other forum…

Now, don’t tell me MP Essence is completed/taken…

Dunno about the sprite.
The reason you can’t get into SCU is because you need an Admin to approve you. You have to email one in order for he/she to activate your account.

Ok, I’ll try doing that; thanks! :smiley:

No, to fully register, you must send him the secret word located somewhere within the SCU forum rules. So you’d better read those rules well.

I wasn’t aware of that

Me, too. And I read the new rules and there was no secret word…

Then keep searching. No, this isn’t a blonde joke, you’ll really have to do that to sign up :stuck_out_tongue:.

He’s joking.

No he’s not…

You have to read the rules, the codeword is located somewherein there. You cant miss it if you read all the rules.
Once you found the codeword, email it to an admin, Andrew Mills or Moonlight Sonata, he or she will activate your account then.

They do it that way to avoid noobs who disbehave… :>_>:

I read the new rules and it wasn’t there…

where r the original?


Sorry. It seemed so… how do I put this… unusual, and that coupled with the smiley faces made me think it was a joke. Nevermind. :blush:

You’re sure you’re reading the rules over there, and not here? I’m looking at the word right now :neutral_face:

Lol, I read the rules sooo many times there, and no word…

like, there was no minimodding, double posting, lol, it’s all stuck in my head… and no word!

I want to be in the team, but to do that, I’ll have to make MP Essense, and I can’t do that unless I join the forum there, and I can’t do that unless I find that one …

Word! :imp:

Righ here man:
Read until you find it :wink:

Will it say something like: “This is the secret word”? What should be my strategy in finding it?

Just read the text well, and if you find a word that doesn’t fit in the context, then that’s the word.

“Hello, how are alcohol you?”
The secret word is ‘alcohol’

Read the rules well and you’ll find it.


How much ya wanna bet these lazy twits are using CTRL+F to find ‘secret word’ or something…

Lol! I found it, but the “word” isn’t a real word…

Dazzy, to tell ya the truth, I did use CTRL+F and tried to find the word before…


Could it be a punctuation mark? Or a word only?

No, it’s a word. A word that doesn’t fit in at all. You’ll be able to tell when you’ve found it.