New Super Mario Bros.

I think its neat that they made a remake of the first true Mario game into 2.5d, I’m planning to get it when it come out. My Brother like the first one so he may get it for himself to play and use my Nintendo DS to play it.

It’s not a remake. It’s a new game in the same style. edits title

A new game with the same stye to it, cool.

Personally, I think the game is going to be awesome. I’m going to get it with the DS Lite.

You “think”? The game is out… If you were saying that for personal reasons other than general speaking, then I apologize.

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I’m getting it in a week. I played it yesterday and it’s awesome.

I’m never getting it. In my opinion, it’s over-rated. I got to world 3 on my friends game, and I just got bored of it.

if u dont get it you will go to the place where satan lives hahahahahahahaha :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Mario is just a fat plumber that must save a retarded princess. He’s not a hero, just ugly. And why is his last namn also Mario?

The best Mario game was Super Mario World, and if the new game will come close to SMW, than I will buy it.

Actually, the game DOES ‘feel’ a lot like SMW. The castles use the same kinds of traps, the Bowser Jr. fights start like Bang Bang from SMB (is that his name?) but later become similar to the Koopa Kids in SMW, the levels have alternate exits that lead to new paths and secret stages, and there are hidden collectible giant coins in the levels… the map is a mix of Mario Party and Mario Bros 3, and the actual gameplay is a mix of Mario 64 and the original SMB, with a few new items too.

I’ll probably get it when I get the chance. It looks pretty good from the commercials I’ve seen.

Slightly off topic: War of the Worlds, what exactly is “2.5d” is it something like “half 2d”, and half “3d”?

2.5D means a 3d sidescroller/2d game with 3d graphics, basically. Like NSMB, Kirby 64, or SSBM.

I played it this Sunday
its pretty cool for a DS game

im still waiting for resident evil 2 to come out for ds, i didn’t like 1, but 2 is the shit!

new smb is great im gettin it in 5 days played it it kicks ass
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I found all the Star Coins.

I have this game… But I don’t like it much.

The level design is too old-school and… well, crappy. There are too many items to collect with hardly any awards. All you get with star coins are a few new levels here and there in a few worlds, but mostly just pointless mushroom houses, which give you anything you can find in a regular level. There are too many bottomless pits and “dead ends” for finding secrets–Go a wrong path and you’ll have to restart the level to get the secret you wanted. Not that any of the secrets are worth it, though. There’s no point in having lives when they can be found so easily and losing them all just gives you a Game Over screen. The whole thing is a pretty disorganized mess…

Worst of all, you can hardly ever save until you beat the game. Apparently they want to force you to play a game with fairly simple gameplay in long sessions at a time.

I found it fun for the first world since it introduced all the new features, but from then on, it felt like the same thing over and over again, just getting worse and worse. Now that I’ve beaten it finally, I think I’m through with it.

If this is true, I prefer Star Fox Command…

Before I beat the game I seriously hated it…

thers nothing rong with it. its brilliant, and even though it is short, the replay walue is sooooooooooo good