New moderator!

Hopefully this time we won’t get a psycho with ulterior motives who ends up acting like an ass to everyone inexplicably after an attack by Turkish extremists. <_<;

If you actually followed that, you get a cookie.

In any case, Troid92 is a long time member with a good head on his shoulders, a calm demeanor, and relatively frequent visits, so he should make a fine moderator.

I want my cookie

… Yay Troid!

Congrats Troid!
:metroid: :metroid: :metroid:

i…kinda saw this coming…which is a good thing (i…never really checked the mod list, i always assumed that troid was a mod…so…yeah, things work out) …so yeah, congratz!

but we all know what happens when you assume…

Nah, I’ve never been a mod here before. My color was always yellow, and I didn’t have the shiney banner next to my name or sweet title. :wink:

Somehow there were rumors going around that I was a mod here and was also programming P2D or something. I do program, but I’m not programming P2D :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to clear that up.

Congrats Troid! Do your best :wink:. Also I want my cookie too, make it choclate chip please :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: lol j/k… unless you really are gonna give us a cookie :smiley:> :smiley:>

Cuda sworn i already posted here. GO TROID!! WOOOOOOOOOOT!!!
BTW, imnot sure i got the cookie. Is CFX a turkish extremist???

I still want my cookie.

Not much to say but congratulations, Troid.

And yes, I get a cookie too.

umm, no Actually CFX is from Spain… I think :confused:.

Sooo… where is that cookie?

Give my cookie to Troid :^_^:, nice havin’ you on the mod team

Grats to teh Troid…

I have to say it was only a matter of time :wink:

How do you live with yourself knowing you’re only a replacement mod? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kiddin’. I was a replacement too in a way. =P Congrats!


IIRC, Knight33 was inactive for a year, so he was de-modded, later to finally have 072 as a mod. Keyword for 072 is finally <_<

And meh, I’m not bothered at all by being a replacement. Being trusted enough to be a mod is enough, even if I was trusted less than a guy that ended up being kicked off the modmin team.

What? Troid wasn’t already a mod? Ah well…

Waiiiiiit. I thought you were a replacement for Tim, not Knight33…


Oh, I think I get it now, 072 was a replacement for Knight33, and you were a replacement for Tim. I’m right, right?

Probably right. I don’t remember how long it was after Knight was de-modded that 072 became a mod, but he would still kind of be a replacement anyway.

So… yeah >_>

…why does it matter?..its not really replacement, its as simple as one is gone, and another came in…(though that basically means replacement, replacement doesn’t lessen the responsibibily nor the trust put in the person)

-illogical thoughts of SD47

I was actually modded at the same time Knight was Demodded, but that wasn’t until 3 months after he left. <_<

What’s also pathetic is that I got like 3 responses in my New Mod topic while you’ve already got 2 pages. >_>