New moderator!

Just thought all y’all peons (>.>) should know that there’s a new addition to the staff–Timaster, to be specific–so if you need something, there’s a new kid on the block to ask. :slight_smile:

Hai all! =D

I promise I won’t abuse my powers. So don’t worry. <_<


Aw, hell… I suppose I can’t piss him off too much in any future pointless arguements, then… <_<V;;

Isn’t Timmeh from South Park?

Congratulations Tim on becoming a Moderator.

Well, I hope that you fix my postcount to like three billion or so. If you don’t then you are abusing your powers like Darth Vader.


I joined the Dark Side years ago.

clears throat
Cut the spam!

This topic is about ME! <_<

lmfao. Congrats Tim. Lets start a parade… just kidding.

Wow, congratulations on locking 2 threads already. Could you lock one of mine, there in the progress section. BTW, abuse…is good.

Congrats, Tim.
That’s all I have to say, actually.

So much for that.


Don’t worry. You’re still our Official Russian Dude. :3