New Metroid Game

Alright, I’m working on this game, I started a couple of days ago (Last night, really) and I am using the original Metroid resources. I also need more sprites and sounds if you don’t mind helping. Well, I’m posting a short demo, and be aware, it does have some glitches.

The controls:

Left/Right - move left and right lol
Up - aim up/get out of morph ball
Down - get into morph ball
Z - jump/get out of morph ball
X - shoot (bullets/missles)/bombs in morph bal
C - switch to missiles/out of missles

Currently, you have no health or missile limit, and when the gale is actually done, you won’t start with all the powerups you have in the demo.


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ALSO!!! A while back I started a Zelda game, and I had quite a bit to it. I am planning on continuing it for sure, because it is coming along great. It has some of my best coding and effort along packed inside of it. I’ll release a demo to that someday too :smiley:

It’s not bad, but it has a lot of bugs you need to fix.

Thanks, and I know. A LOT of bugs, lol.

Pretty cool. I like the physics. What’s the story behind it?

None yet, lol. Still trying to decide. Lmao. I want it to take place after Metroid I.

Not bad at all.

nice. as far as physics go, i think i like it better than the original metroid. lol.

I like the engine because it doesn’t seem extreamly smooth
like some other GM engines (you know the game engines that are
so smooth the engine just seems boring and slow?). Just fix up
those bugs and you got a good engine to build a game on.

Cool demo and about the bugs i dont see them or can’t find them.Demo work perfectly on my new cp(computer).

I lag on my older comp, so I can’t multi morph ball jump like I always do with a new demo… But you show all your rooms at the same time. Your only suppose to show one at a time.