New Metroid Fan Game

hello everybody
i have just started making a new metroid fan game called “Metroid Prime The Revenge”. This is a very basic plot so bear with me and also note it is subject to change. It will happen sometime after Prime 3 where the federation notices some unusual life signs on tallon IV so Samus goes in to investigate. She discovers that
Prime wasnt the only 1 of her kind. that nasty B#*ch had a baby of her own and left the egg on Tallon IV. this game will be alot like Fusion in the sense that all most of samus’s attemtps to defeat the evil will be thwarted.i am using game maker to create this master piece although it will be the first game i have ever made so i may need some advice here and there. my first plea to you will be that i need a title screen for the the game and some backgrounds of the impact crater as i am no good with these things. i also need some tiles for the impact crater so please be of aid. If anyone knows a good sprite/background/tile website please tell me thanks 4 your time.

If it’s the first game you’ve ever made, you’re going to need a lot more than just some advice here and there to make a “master piece”. I suggest starting smaller than a Metroid game for a first game, actually… Not to discourage you from becoming a game developer, but you can’t start with something this advanced right off the bat, unless you plan to change the genre to something easier while still using a Metroid theme. (you haven’t specifically stated what type of game it is, so I’m just assuming it’s the regular platformer shooter type)

Edit: Also, I’m just going to lock your other topic about this fangame now that you have this one.

what i meant was that i am going to start the game of little, doing it bit by bit. each time adding a bit more detail changing the plot abit along the way.
and also thanks 4 writing ur reply

4 those who dont know the game will be a side scrolling shooter (similiar to p2d). I wrote this post to tell everyone that i need help implementing the gravity into the game as i have tried many ways but i cannot get it right lol. i need to know exactly which events i put in and the basic values etc. so if someone reads this and they are experiennced in this area please post wat i have to do. i also need the values and actions for a simple block to get the movement physics working. i am also having a problem with the left/right movement. when i move to the left and then i move to the right while still holding down the left key and then i let go of the left key it does samus does this kind of moonwalk thing without her legs moving. if anyone needs details on that give me your email address and i will send you the game maker file. i know u might be reading this and thinking “i cant be bothered” or “im busy” or " why should i help this amatuer" but could u please support me this game while i am developing it.

If you can’t even get that right, have you stopped to think what you will do when you have to program saving/loading, visors, AI, and such…?

Seriously. Learn your stuff before going ‘lolomglet’sa make a game lolol!!1!’

Yeah, finally someone idiotic enough to do a metroid game right off the bat like me.

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BTW, I think it is perfectly fine to start a game with minimal skills. It helps you become better and better so next time you can start a game with skillz :slight_smile: .

I say GO FOR IT! :slight_smile:
That’s how I got started and as I tinkered with my creations I’ve gained invaluable knowledge that is not easily taught.
Learn to crawl before trying to walk. I know its easy to think of all the possibilities and get derailed trying to learn how to do a certain thing out of your capability.

Gamemaker is my first choice in starting out. Once you understand how things work with the drag & drop move to code is quickly as you can. This will save you lots of time in the growing process. I wanted to stay in the drag & drop world forever but I found that it is so much easier to see all or most of your code at once than scanning up and down through drag&drop tiles. Again, just start out slow and build up steam. THe GM forums are a great place to get help provided you go with Gamemaker.

Good Luck.

And before people have the urge to post comments like
,I will say that Gamemaker is merely a great tool to help beginners learn how a game works and how you have to tell the computer what to do.
Once you grasp the basics you can move on to a ‘Real’ language.

EDIT: Make a working game engine before you start on the story in game form.
Believe me! you will save your self a whole lot of time.
Engines should include stuff that will be used throughout the entire game like a door warp system to go from room to room, mini-map if you want to go to the trouble, player room interaction like walls and floors, weapon systems, power ups, load/save and so on. Once you have that ready you can piece the rooms together much much faster and the over all game comes together quicker.