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What megaman Series is the best

  • Classic
  • X
  • Zero
  • Legends
  • Battle Network
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I simiplfied my poll so everyone wins! :smiley:

How could you forget the Power Battles seires :whack: .

Anyway, I like the X series and all, but the classic Rockman will always get my favorite since I grew up on that pretty much.

I thought thats included in the classic series because they both happen before the Megaman X series. Plus I like the power battle games alot, they are very good. :smiley:

I was just giving you a hard time :stuck_out_tongue:. They’re included in the classics.

Agh. X, or original… X has awesome features, but … the original had a certain flair… I guess Bass’s theme song is the tiebreaker. Classic it is.

Bass`s theme song is just one of those catchy themes…

Yeah, Forte’s theme is deinfately up there on the cool list, but I kind of like Blues’s theme better. It’s too bad the games that featured forte weren’t as good. :confused: (Except the power fighters).

That what really makes the megaman games!
I thought that people like Dark should get to experience something Megaman so I have some links for the music. Megaman 3 Music
and megaman 7 Music

and heres something special Megaman fangames!Megaman Fangames

Note; Megaman v.s Metroid is really good.

I haven’t played any Megaman games…

Go play the fangames they give you the megaman feel.

Oh. I’ve played the Megaman Vs. Fangames, but not any Nintendo-made Megaman games…

Sorry… But the Megaman games were made by Capcom.

heres a Megaman Quote: Why would any one lock a bathroom…OHNO!!!- Dr. Light

I told you I didn’t know anything about Megaman. Fine. Megaman games released by Nintendo.

Bah, Blues didn’t have much of a theme, it was just his whistle with a few new bars… And what?! MM7 was one of the best of them all!

I dunno if it was 7 or 8 that I didn’t like. All I know is that it annoyed me and the boss names were pretty lame. (It might’ve been 8 because I don’t remember 7 having anime cutscenes).

It was Megaman 8! geez… the only megaman game where Dr. Light sounded like Elmer Fudd! 7 is definately the best.

8 was funny. They mispronounced Bass’s name horribly, Dr Fudd–nuff said, Megaman sounded girlier than ever, and the bosses were screwed up. Aqua Man was not only a copyright infringement but also gay, Grenade Man was a masochist…

I hated Megaman 8.

My favorite MM game for NES: Megaman 4

My favorite MM game for SNES: Megaman X3

My favorite MM game for PSone: Megaman X4

And I don’t have a PS2.

8 is the funniest alright. C`mon I never seen such a horrible Anime scene. ( thinks of the Megaman Shows) nevermind.

I remember the Megaman TV show. God it was awful, but for some reason I watched it anyway. Maybe because it made the world a little less bleak, the opposite effect that drugs have on you.