new features for the samus engine!

which of these new features do you NOT LIKE

  • in the air, pressing down turns you into morphball (cept spin)
  • while running, pressing down turns you into morphball
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in the new samus engine, i am making getting into morphball easier, what does everyone think?

also, when in the air, you have to be doing a regular jump to do the automatic morphball move, spinjumps of course dont turn into morball (though i could make a cool new move…)

also, if you have any good ideas for moves in metroid, please tell me! :smiley:

also, here is what i did with the samus engine in the first 3 days……etroidstart.exe

And well the engine maybe you should add a speed boost function??

Edit: Oh about my engine im making a metroid 3 style engine so i have to make a tutorial because mine uses confusing code :neutral_face: and plus i really need to add all the beams speed boost, and more stuff :slight_smile:

I think turning into the ball in mid-air is bad because it can easily open up some un-wanted exploits. Though they could be covered up, it would take more time and effort to do so.

Switching while running on the otherhand seems ok. Still, what about stopping to kneel? This would put you right into ball mode rolling in that direction. I don’t know, have a ball :stuck_out_tongue:

the morphball while running things is a little odd, but usefull for players (i hate having to duck when getting out of a 59 second explosion), and why would the morphing in air thing be so bad? please tell me, also, i will most likely be able to give a short peek of what i have been doing the last 3 days (you can now run, jump, kneel, spin attack, and go into morphball (after collecting powerup for it). also, if you are standing still, you still have to duck in order to get into morphball.

Morphing in the air is not bad because then you can easily switch to morphball if you need to escape!! EMERGENCY EVACUATION!!! See thats what i mean :slight_smile:Station Breaking down!!! umm smartdude are you done with that engine yet :angry:

dude! wtf, i just started working on it 3 days ago! in 3 days, i have almost finished it!, i would say that is great f***ing timing to be nearly done in 3 days.

I dont get it … with the exception of primes (press X button), you can press down twice in the air to turn into morph ball in all the official metroid games. First time = aim down, 2nd = morph, and you can do it while spinning. If you’re talking about making it morph on the first down, then what happens to aiming vertically down in air?

Morph while running is okay as long as you dont intend to add Shine Spark, or you will have to change the method of charging Shine Spark.

Dude i wask jk…:frowning:
Look at what i wrote

  1. Morphing in the air is good
  2. You can switch to morphball if you need to escape(like a small secret passage)
  3. emergency Evacuation(messing around
  4. See thats what i mean(Meaning you(^) need the engine in times like these)
  5. station breaking down(I will oviously need the engine to escape(Again messing around))
  6. smartdude done with then engine yet??(It means that withought the engine i could not escape the invisible area when im messing around so i would need your engine to escape…get it?? yes…no…???

lol, sorry, i have been working a lot on the engine the last few days, with only occasional breaks (taco hell, and pool :slight_smile: ) sorry man

Yep :slight_smile: Im glad you understood for a second there i thought you were gonna start hating me XD DX :frowning: but its all kool :slight_smile: anyway about the sorrys its ok i kinda new you werent gonna understand :slight_smile:

Heres a move. You could turn into morphball in the air and hit the enemy square in the head. lol- this would be funny for the metroids, youd probably bounce off them. XD
Just pictur that for a second…

lol :slight_smile: good one :smiley:

lol, sounds kinda like the ol castlevania kick, lol, but no, not for this engine, it has to work similar to mp2 2d

true! :slight_smile: