New engine suggestion

BYOND is an acronym which stands for “Build Your Own Net Dream.” I suggest using this in place of Game Maker (unless you are unwilling to learn the coding).

just go to and download one of the programs. It will allow multiplayer gameplay as well as singleplayer mode. …that is, if you create the game to do so.

sounds good and all, but dont u think it would be alot of work to convert?

(Hey, Mods/Admins/ is this in the FAQ here?)

No, the entire game is being done with GM. There is no way to convert it except by doing it all over form scratch, so they’re staying with it.

Just leave them alone. They know what they’re doing.

not to mention C++ is still better than all your shit…

true…c++ is awesome…

cfx, your avatar is white (at moment)

his programming phails!

ehh and yeah, what i said earlier. and, do you really think they will change something based on 1 person’s suggestion?

Yeah, a shame that C++ wasn’t the original plan…

Hey wait a second! CFX, you were here when it first started right? (or wrong) If so, why was the decision made to use GM? So that others could band together and work with an easy source code?

Its a shame? Yes it is but seriously, if they are programming it in C++ I’m pretty sure all we would have right now is those physics demo and weapons demo (remember those? years ago). And seriously, BYOND is probably another GUI Programming language. Other GUI programming < Game Maker < Actual written code

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Now, shut the fuck up about things you have no idea about.

Kind of harsh, but required I suppose. Anyhow, CFX, do you mind answering my question or no? (No because I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t feel like it. I’m not a programmer but I can imagine the stress involved when you have to literally act like a computer yourself.)

You may not be aware but CFX is working on MetEngine, which will be the final “platform” for P2D, it’s fully written in C++ and will include thousands of customizable fields!

As to why Game Maker was the first choice, well I believe it was because Ocarina Of Time 2D is made in Game Maker, and P2D was an idea from OoT2D, so I guess they wanted to use the same software.

Wait, MetEngine is the one for P2D? Oh… Sorry, then…

Actually Game Maker was used because that’s all I used at the time, and I already had an engine.


Question answered.

waits for onslaught of “who the fuck is knight33” >_>

Hey, knight, where’ve you been?

Ok, so the original engine is in GM, but if MetEngine is the one being used for P2D, and it’s in C++ , then what’s still using the GM engine? The official demo?

MetEngine is not being used for P2D, it’s going to be used, once it’s out. So why are we using GM? Well to make sure we have all the resources needed an to keep everyone working until the real deal takes over.

…I realized all that after I posted… (a while after)

Turns out, it was more of a musing than a suggestion…

As for anyone knowing what they’re doing… trust me, I trust them… I’m not stupid… and thus far, they’ve done a better 2D job than Nintendo… only problem is that they’re using the same lame “animation” “style” as Nintendo’s Metroid Zero Mission…

I myself am working on a project, but it’s MUCH closer to Metroid Prime Corruption with BreakDown characteristics… meaning 3rd person shooter with some (alot of) melee combat… as well as super-powers… I’ma have to come up with some cool names like in Prince of Persia III… trust me… it’s gonna rock TvT