New Demo!

I know it’s been an incredibly long wait, but at last the moment is here!
(Windows only, for now)
(EDIT 13 Aug 2021) Replaced link above. (Original broken link)

Originally it was going to be just a simple demo showing off the technical features of my game engine, but most recently I decided to feature a pretty substantial area from Metroid Prime instead. I spent a lot of time on the graphics in this engine, so I hope you are impressed. I’m planning to continue making improvements on it and releasing a second version in the coming weeks.

Don’t kill me. April Fools. The next one will be real.

Aw, it’s too bad you were disappointed with my hard work. :frowning:

I am starting work on a second version. Maybe I can bring it up to your standards!

i just have to reiterate

I’m using a mac any chance you could youtube it? or it’s still april fools in your location :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome internet.



Come on, this could actually be good if you put some time into it.