New Adventures of the Artifacts of the Month

List compiled by Troid92


If you’re going to sprite anything on these lists, be sure to do your research and include everything accurately for the final version of your sheet. So don’t hand in a finished burrower that doesn’t burrow. Also, this is a list of all the objects and creatures we need sprited, not a list of all the separate sheets we need. (group things together if you want, in other words)

Note that the creatures section has been recently updated and is in a different format than the sections that follow it. Also note that everything exclusive to the frigate has been left off this list.

The creatures list was last updated: July 21, 2013

The status of each creature is reported as a list of past contributions by author name, formatted as follows:

Comma separation = distinct versions.
Plus sign separation = collaboration on the same version.

Bold = Finished for now. Even if there is more work needed, or an eventual overhaul, save it for later.
Italics = Incomplete but has potential. Please ask for more information before starting a new version.
Red = Lost. There is little we can do about it at this point.
Normal = Not going to be used in the final product, but we’ll hang onto it for reference.

DISCLAIMER: These categories are very subjective and were decided by Troid92.
Feel free to ask for further history, opinions, interpretations, stories for any of these resources.
If an author’s name appears more than once in the same list, they made multiple distinct versions.


Blastcap: Dr Bok Choi, Karlprof, MetroidHunterMoose
Beetle: Dazuro Ghenari, PRIME
Seedling: Lady Ridley, Phlakes, at least 1 other not yet documented
Tangle Weed: najls
Sap Sac: Parapsyche
Geemer: MelvinMetroid, Chindianboy823 (+possible unknown author), unknown author, slim Kraid, CoreFusionX (+slim Kraid)
Zoomer: unknown author, Karlprof, Hosser, illy, xDeathAngelx, CoreFusionX
Bloodflower: MelvinMetroid, chozun (+Dazuro Ghenari? +Jason?), najls, Troid92
War Wasp: 072, Dazuro Ghenari
War Wasp Hive: 072, 072
Scarab: illy
Eyon: Dr Bok Choi, Banjo-Fella, Kirbster
Plazmite: Karlprof, unknown author, Troid92
Hive Mecha: Dr Bok Choi
Ram War Wasp: 072, Dazuro Ghenari
Plated Beetle: MelvinMetroid, MetroidHunterMoose, Nol-rathdus Agrotho (+Joba), 072, 072
Shriekbat: Hosser, rabbitweasel, Timaster, Hairy Pomegranate (+ Timaster + MetroidZapper + Phlakes)
Reaper Vine: Lady Ridley
Venom Weed: najls
Stone Toad: unknown author
Mechanoid Incinerator Drone: najls, 072
Barbed War Wasp: 072, Dazuro Ghenari
Plated Parasite: Draco
Flaahgra: Frosty-Winters, Banjo-Fella
Flaahgra Tenticle: Karlprof, Timaster, MetroidZapper
Pulse Bombu: Karlprof, Red Kraid, Dr Bok Choi, Phendrana Metroid, CoreFusionX + 072, 072, Banjo-Fella, MasonMcCoy
Oculus: Timaster, Chindianboy823, jayhawker, Zeragon33, chozun
Grizby: Karlprof, Rundas45, other unknown authors
Burrower: MetroidHunterMoose, QuickSilfer
Puffer: Slothien483, Zurginator
Magmoor: Dr Bok Choi + bdjwill + 072
Triclops: Illy, Luminous_Reaver
Auto Defense Turret: 072 (+MasonMcCoy)
Crystallites: MetroidHandler, Troid92
Scatter Bombu: TICONDEROGA, 072, CoreFusionX + 072, xDeathAngelx, Banjo-Fella
Baby Sheegoth: Dr Bok Choi, Karlprof, Slothien483, XMegadragon
Ice Burrower: QuickSilfer
Ice Shriekbat: megamatt, Phlakes (Orpheon version)
Flickerbat: MelvinMetroid, Phlake Jr.
Ice Parasite: illy
Sheegoth: Slothien483, Dr Bok Choi + PRIME
Shadow Pirate: 072, Dazuro Ghenari + MetroidHandler + MrDw + MetroidMenace, Dazuro Ghenari
Space Pirate: Dazuro Ghenari + MetroidHandler + MrDw + MetroidMenace, 072, Dazuro Ghenari
Flying Pirate: Dazuro Ghenari + Winged Destiny + Frosty, unknown author
Metroid: MetroidHandler (+Lady Ridley?)
Ice Beetle (presumably to be made along with regular beetles)
Sentry Drone: Sephi_hatu, Dazuro Ghenari
Thardus: Dr Bok Choi, Slothien483, XMegadragon
Puddle Spore: Metro, Dr Bok Choi, Viper Snake, unknown author, QuickSilfer
Chozo Ghost: Dazuro Ghenari
Glider: Karlprof
Hunter Metroid: Lady Ridley (+MetroidHandler?), Karlprof
Jelzap: Lady Ridley, Zurginator
Aqua Reaper: Lady Ridley
Tallon Crab: Chozun (+Dazuro Ghenari)
Aqua Pirate: Dazuro Ghenari + Winged Destiny + Frosty
Aqua Drone: Sephi_hatu, Dazuro Ghenari
Aqua Sac: Karlprof, unknown author, QuickSilfer
Mega Turret: 072 (+MasonMcCoy)
Wave Trooper: Dazuro Ghenari, Metro
Power Trooper: Dazuro Ghenari, Metro
Elite Pirate: Dazuro Ghenari
Ice Trooper: Dazuro Ghenari, Metro
Invisible Sentry Drone: Troid92, other unknown authors
Plasma Trooper: Dazuro Ghenari, Metro
Omega Pirate: Dazuro Ghenari + MetroidHandler + 072 + MasonMcCoy + Slothien483
Phazon Elite: Metroid Zapper + Slothien483
Plated Puffer: Slothien483
Meta Ridley: Sephi_hatu (+Naraku Avasuule), XMegadragon, StairMasterNem, Metroid_Zapper, Metroid_Zapper
Lumigek: Karlprof
Fission Metroid: MetroidHandler (+Lady Ridley?) + 072
Metroid Prime Exoskeleton: Joba (+Slothien483?), XMegadragon, Tyler, Zurginator, several other unknown authors
Metroid Prime Essence: unknown author, Slothien483


Red = lost.
Italics = in progress.
Bold = done.
Normal = available as far as we know.



Power Suit (MetroidHandler/Stover)
Varia Suit (MetroidHandler/Stover)
Gravity Suit (MetroidHandler/Stover)
Phazon Suit (MetroidHandler/Stover)
Fusion Suits
Morph Ball Bombs (Timaster)
Power Bombs
Armcannons (Timaster)
Beams (Unknown)
Beam Combos
Missiles (Dazuro Ghenari)


These categories are probably the way they’d be.

Tallon Overworld (Slothien483)
Chozo Ruins (Slothien483)
Magmoor Caverns (Najls)
Phendrana Drifts (Slothien483)
Space Pirate Labs (Many)
Crashed Frigate – Edited Frigate
Phazon Mines
Impact Crater


Space Jump Boots (Poop, Candy Man Criminal)
Missile Expansion/Missile Launcher (Metroid_Zapper)
Energy Tank (MillerTime)
Morph Ball
Charge Beam
Morph Ball Bomb
Varia Suit (timmehboy)
Chozo Artifacts
Boost Ball (Timaster, PhazonGoomba)
Wave Beam (Zurginator, RetroX)
Super Missile (SangueDuMal)
Thermal/X-Ray Visor (MaverickJester)
Spider Ball
Wavebuster (SangueDuMal)
Ice Beam (Zurginator, RetroX)
Plasma Beam (Zurginator, RetroX)
Gravity Suit (timmehboy)
Flamethrower (SangueDuMal)
Grapple Beam (Candy Man Criminal, Phlake Jr.)
Power Bomb
Ice Spreader (SangueDuMal)

Other objects:

Doors (blue, wave, ice, plasma, gray, locked, missile, morph ball) (MetroidHandler/Stover, 072)
Gunship (front: MetroidHandler/Stover, back: edited by Metroid_Zapper)
Lichen (Troid92)
Small, Glowing Mushrooms (Zurginator, timmehboy)
Giant trees
Chozo Artifact Pirate Data Scan (SangueDuMal)
Item Pedestals (Metroid Menace)
Chozo Lore (Zurginator)
Grapple Point (Zurginator)
Grapple Point Icon (Zurginator)
Morph Ball Tunnel Entrance (Najls)
Smashed, Crumbling Ruins
Save Station (072)
Energy (Unknown), missile (Unknown), and power bomb pickups
Map Station (Najls)
Storage Boxes (Dazuro Ghenari)
Hive Totem Statues
Morph Ball Elevators/Smashers (Zurginator)
Small flying bugs
Ruined Fountain Fountain
Meditation Fountain Fountain
Runic Symbols
Runic Symbol Gates
Energy Core Devices
Morph Ball Bomb Slot (Zurginator)
Magnetic Rail Tracks (Unknown)
Furnace Furnace
Sunchamber Mirrors (PhazonGoomba)
Network of Vines
Elevator (and other devices) Scan Point (Unknown, sudtrap, Phlake Jr.)
Elevator Holograms (Banjo-Fella, 072)
Vault Metal Panels (Zurginator)
Plaza Access Crystal Wall
Flamethrowers on Walls (Zurginator)
Stalactites (Metroid_Zapper)
Magmoor Moving Platforms (Najls)
Monitor Station Central Building
Lava-Sucking Machines (Unknown)
Computers (Metroid_Zapper, Sephi_hatu)
Orange Chip Things (Sephi_hatu)
Standard Spinner Device (Metroid_Zapper)
Ice Walls
Floating Phendrana Platforms (Candy Man Criminal)
Radion Grating
Shorelines Domes and Buildings
Power Bomb Expansion (War of the Worlds)
Giant Fan Tower (with Boost Ball)
Frozen and Living Fish
Chozo Statues (all of them): Hall of the Elders one (Slothien483)
Chapel of the Elders Cubicles
Water-Spewing Pipe Heads
Pirate Temporary Wall Blocks
Pirate-Only Doors (Troid92)
Force Fields (of all colors)
Stasis/Cordite Casing Tanks (Unknown, Zurginator)
Solar System Hologram and Machine (Transitional)
Space Pirate’s Lunch (Dazuro Ghenari, Metroid_Zapper)
Control Tower Towers
Thermal Visor Force Fields and Machine
Power Conduit (Troid92)
Magmoor Workstation Machine (and Doors?) (Najls)
Bendezium Debris (Phlake Jr.)
Work Station Columns
Fiery Shores Lava-Spewing Machine
Shore Tunnel Noob Tube
Hall of Elders Spinning Paths
Hall of Elders Radiation Collectors
Missile Stations (072)
Elemental Morph Ball Slots (Zurginator)
Leaking Crate of Phazon (Troid92)
Artifact Temple Statues and Window
Crystal Formations with Phazon Residue that have High Value to the Monks of Grondheim (Najls)
Bendezium Floor Panel
Plasma Processing Pipes
Gravity Chamber Giant Mineral-Containing Icicles
Reactor Core Platforms and Central Machinery
Morph Ball Spinner Gate
Life Grove Dome Building
Life Grove Artifact of Chozo Thing
Phazon (Shadz, Candy Man Criminal)
Main Quarry Building with Crane
Save Station Gate
Flaming Smokestacks
Waste Disposal Building (from outside)
Bendezium Gate
Elite Pirate Tank
Omega Pirate Tank (MasonMcoy)
Phazon Elite Tank (Unknown)
Industrial Grade Pulse Beam
Ore Processing Bomb Slots and Spinning Column
Phazon Nutrient Vat/Synthetic Metroid Ration Mix Processor (Troid92)
Giant Bowls of Dirt
Ventelation Shaft Fans
“Safety System” Above Power Bomb
Giant Phazon Mushrooms (Troid92)
Spinning Gears behind Glass
Frigidite Shell and Security Gates
Dynamo’s Machines (The room beyond the charge beam upgrade, not to be confused with Central Dynamo in the Phazon Mines)
Bird Head Morph Ball Slots and Tunnels (Zurginator)
Tower of Light Statues and Pillars
Artifact Temple Totems (SangueDuMal)
Unknown Material (Orange/Blue/Black/Yellow Phazon)
Giant Teeth (molars, canines…)
Phazon Core Central Column with Bridges
Floating Spike Platforms (Zurginator, Phlake Jr.)
Mutant Fish
Organic Magnetic Rail Tracks
Dead MP Exoskeleton
Phazon Flowers with Orange Balls on Top (final battle)
Pure Phazon Puddle (Syntax_Legend)

so lets gets this (re)started, huh?
of thee i command

Runic Symbols
Small flying bugs
Ice Shriekbat (Phlakes)
Mutant Fish

also, if theres something on the list thats wrong, feel free to say so
(i would like to point out that nothing is lost anymore)

and last, but not least, should we or should we not use the Metroid Prime that Rundas and myself made?

with that, its 5am and im going to bed… maybe

I am so on that ice shriekbat.

Also, anyone think we should use a standardized palette? With so many artists with different styles working on everything, that could help tie it all together. Of course, it would have to be pretty generous, but it’s possible.

we’d end up having to go over all the sprites that are already done
which could also mess up the look of some of them
not up to me tho, majority rules

also, howzabout the prime thing?

It’s very difficult to standardize a palette. I think the best thing would be to base our style on the sprites that have already been made (for example, see notes on ice shriekbat below)

A few comments on the current assignments:

Runic Symbols
The screenshot in the URL above has four of the five. The fifth is on the middle panel that flips around. A sketch of it can be seen lower on the page (looks like a hammer). I just checked to see if the symbols are the same in other rooms – gave up trying to find shots of the Sun Tower symbols but they’re definitely the same in the Great Tree Hall. If it turns out that Sun Tower’s are actually unique, nobody will notice or care anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Small flying bugs
These are found in a few of the small open-ceiling fountain hallways in the Ruins (where you can stand in the bugs and hear them make buzzing noises), plus the Metroid Prime Essence room, and maybe somewhere else. Honestly if you just make a couple pixels to look like a gnat then whoever programs the game can just make a swarm of particles and that’s that.

Ice Shriekbat (Phlakes)
Hairy Pomegranate finished a sheet for a regular shriekbat based on Timaster’s. The ice shriekbats should probably just be an edit of said sheet. Original shriekbat starts here:
And keeps going until here:
Timmeh would know more details about ice shriekbats and how they differ from regular shriekbats. I would think that there’s just a color difference but something inside me says otherwise, so ask Timmeh.

Seedlings have been attempted a few times before (by Lady Ridley a long time ago and also by someone else in the AotM topic) but looking back at them it’s probably best to make a fresh version. Just remember that they’re bigger than they seem – go play Prime and morph and unmorph repeatedly next to one and you’ll see how big they are.

Mutant Fish
Just to clarify, these are NOT the giant frozen fish found throughout Phendrana (since I believe those existed naturally on Tallon IV before any phazon corruption happened, so they’re not actually mutants). The mutant fish are the ones in the Impact Crater. There are a ton of them swimming behind the walls of the missile refill station and they look like this:…nny-Recipes.jpg

they look like zucchini pizza bites?

Yes, roughly. See 2:05:

yanno i was wonder what the mutant fish was lol
that half why i put it up

and yes it does kinda look like that

So I looked at Pom’s shriekbat so I could edit it for the ice one.

I accidentally the whole thing-



If it’s okay with Pom, I’ll start using this one. Especially because I eliminated ten colors.

EDIT: Also, we’ll need the door that has the runic symbols before those can be done.

EDIT 2: And here are your small flying bugs, sir-


oh hi troid92
long time no see

i might do the runic symbols :B

Oh hai dere.

It was originally Timmy’s shriekbat anyway so I don’t really have any say.

tit bit too long i do believe

also not a SINGLE person has said ANYTHING about Prime

You mean using your and Rundas’ Prime? Sure.

EDIT: Also, shortened 7 pixels-

this is the prime shriekbat…

That’s the concept art.

This is what it actually looks like in game-

looks the same to me, less detailed, but the same
but anyway, the icy bastard looks good =D

Just realized something-


oh god xD
good catch

I win so much I made them the exact same length without knowing it.

damn, nice