Net Mission Banner

Here is the new Metroid: Net Mission banner. Any thoughts, comments, or criticism?

It flat out rocks.
No more comments are nessisary

Then you’re blind and know nothing of graphic work.

The pictures are distorted, their edges terribly anti-aliased.

The layout is too jumbled and uncoordinated.

The colors don’t blend at all.

The background is a simple filter with not a single change done to it.

If that took you more than ten minutes to make, you seriously need to learn how to use Photoshop.

I will say however, I love the blur effect on the text.

I’d also like to point out that you should post it as an image instead of a sig because sigs change and the topic would be void then. :unamused:
Not much else to say. Daz said it all.

Hmm. the image only shows up in your sig for me…

Sig? What? Anyways I just got photoshop like a week ago. And I thought the background was fine the way it was. What would you suggest I do to it? And yes, I like the Net Mission effect as well.

Well, I’d try to get fewer pictures…as it is, there are WAY too many. Try, for instance, a picture of Samus’ helmet, with the background divided between light on one side and dark on the other. Have Samus’ head change from Samus or Light-suit to Dark Samus from one side to the other, and have NET MISSION below. I think Net Mission is a multiplayer game, right?

To make the background more interesting, you could have in-game pictures from Super, Fusion, and Zero Mission floating around with their opacities turned WAY down, so you only see a shadow of them.

Those are all the characters that will be used in the game, minus like one or two. I dont want just Samus, as Samus isn’t the entire focus of this game. Maybe try turning down all their opacities?

That won’t matter. It’ll still be a jumble, and worse, it’ll be a nearly-invisible jumble. Put two or three characters from the game, not all of them.

P.S. If Samus is not the main focus of your game, why are seventy percent of the things on the banner Samus, or Samus clones?

Well Daz, if you think the banner is so crappy, then why don’t you make us one? It ain’t like you’ve done anything else for our team…

Roger that. I’ll do it tonight.

By the way, another big problem with yours is that it doesn’t flow at all. Nothing fits in. It randomly transitions from CG Scans to concept art, they’re all random sizes that look funky, and such. Plus a lot of them are crappy concept art that looks nothing like the final game version, and there’s just plain too many of them.


Here’s a prototype. Dark Samus’s cut still needs work and the colors aren’t finalized, of course.

Yes, I know you wanted to display a bunch of characters, but that just makes it look cluttered and bad. Why don’t we just have several banners each showing a few characters, and use a script to randomize them? Or hell, animate them to change the displayed characters?

Good job daz :clap:

And like you said, the colors still need work. I miss the cool Net Mission part though

We did originally have an animated flash banner that I made, but CoffeeCup FireStarter is bad… The banner sucked. :sweat:

Hence why we should use a Gif animation for this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have Image Ready? That works fine for me. BTW Daz I hate that Metroid Logo.

It’s the one from the original Metroid. You have to like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

What about something like this?

Hmm, now that is what we should have as the banner.
The mist effect looks really good, you brought back the “Net Mission” part :smiley: and all of the characters are facing the center.

Crap! It seems my geocities site has run out of bandwith for the month… :angry:

I guess that means my site is down too. I have hosted the image on a different site for now.

Of course this isn’t finished, I am thinking of putting all the characters in.

Better, but it still’s not too great. The background is pretty bland and it needs a border.

Of course it needs a border. But the background looks just like yours, although a little lighter. What do you suggest I do to it?