needpartners for game

Hello, i am making a metroid fangame, and need some assistance. most of the sprite animations for the power suit have been created, as well as the rotating shoulder cannon that fires towards the mouse. The sprite itself can fire as well, but due to time restraints, and work restraints i absolutely need help! Currently all i need is help with fully creating all of the movements with the power suit, while everything else is working fine. anyone who wishes to help will be credited, as i really need this help, since this is nearly my third day without sleep trying to complete the in game codes. also, to all of those other people making fangames who need an in game engine, i will gladly give my engine when the demo for my game is completed. all those who wish to get more information or to simply comment about this topic, add a new post, or email me at please, any help is needed, and if you simply have good ideas i am always willing to listen to those, though they most likely will not be included do to the fact that game structure and maps are near completion. to troids92 post (who brought up a very good question), I am not making the game reachable here yet, to put things simply, I am looking for a team of 3 or more people who have some passion for the metroid series, and if possible, some type of skills. If you want to post ideas, that is okay, but if you actually want to join, and help me so that i can also put a game engine out there faster, than that is what i am asking for! thank all of you for reading, and have fun with the metroid series!

Posting like this is almost like saying “Help me with my image” without an image.

Well, I’ll do my best to try and solve the problems… I’ll only be able to guess though.

By “at random moments”, do you mean while you’re walking it’ll suddenly jump inside the floor? Try turning off “precise collision detecting” on your Samus sprite sheet (or on each sprite in a large collection of sprites if you have it working like that instead). And be sure to keep each of the boundary boxes for the sprites the same height and width.

That’s all I can say with the given information. If that fixes the problem, be sure to go get some rest :wink:

also, to those of you wondering what my demo will be like (at this slow rate it could take up to 3 months with only 1 person), it will try and stay by the roots, yet give more intuitive action, and handling.

for instance:
you will now have an arm cannon, which aims and shoots to where the mouse is located
all directional controls (including jumping) can be on the basic four keys, while leaving your other hand to guide the mouse, and your shots…
scrolling will change weapons
all new suites, and powers ( haven’t you always wanted to be the phazon samus, well now is your chance!)

there are many more, but in simple, you will control much like the heli attack series (without having to reach on keyboard to change weapons), and also be able to fly the ship (actually fly, not say which planet you want to go to). There are lots of bonuses such as new suites, etc. and the game will also expand weekly after you beat the main game, with extra missions that will show up in your ship’s log. (however the main game will most likely not be out before the end of the year). also of course it is absolutely free, and if i get enough posts showing people really want it, i will create a game engine (for older 2d metroid such as zero mission) so that others can not only create thier games faster, but send them in as extra missions to be added to the official extra missions in everyone’s ship log. if you want me to create the game engine for people who cannot program, simply say yes, and if you dont, say no, and i will do what people seem to want based on the posts.

thank you all for listening!

Well, I’m already part of enough Metroid fangames, and I don’t feel up to joining another one. Especially when it doesn’t look like the main engine is even worked out yet, meanwhile the rest of the game is almost finished. The engine should always come first. So no, I guess I won’t be helping with this.

Just a tip though:
Don’t rush the game. Don’t think that all the people saying “COMEONLOL MAKE DEMO NOW I WANT PLAY!!!” have any idea what they’re asking. A rushed game will never work. Take your time, get some rest, and think your game through. Don’t feel you have to rush as fast as you can to get the game done in just a few days. It should take AT LEAST a few months to make a large game, and probably much longer.
Edit: Okay, so you’re not rushing as much as I thought then. Well, still, get some rest. You shouldn’t have to go three whole days without sleep just for this game.

And one last thing, don’t say “a new metroid game…going where only about 7 have gone before…”, because A.) There are a LOT more successful Metroid fangames out there, and B.) it’s actually making your game look worse, since you’re informing people that there are several other Metroid fangames around that are actually finished, and they will probably decide to go look for those instead.